Manufacturing, processing & logistics

Almost every object you see has been manufactured or processed in some way, which is why apprenticeships in this industry are so important. It deals with producing things on an industrial scale, and keeping all the other industries supplied with the materials needed to do their job.

Industries covered include:

  • Textiles
  • Food
  • Furniture
  • Glass
  • Metals
  • Printing

As an apprentice, you could be operating huge machines in a factory or working with hand tools in a small workshop. There are roles to suit different strengths – if you’re good with details, then you could check over products for flaws; if you’re mechanically minded, you could be responsible for maintaining the machines used in production.

Logistics plays a key role in ensuring that the right amount of raw materials show up at the right time, and that manufactured goods are properly stored and distributed. The ultimate goal of any logistics operation is to move a product from supplier to customer.

Globalisation has changed the manufacturing industry in the UK. Goods are increasingly made overseas where costs are much lower. To compete, the UK has to focus on being as hi-tech, efficient and productive as possible. Apprenticeships in this sector are training skilled workers, not just production line robots.

Useful contacts:

Sector Skills Council for chemicals, oil, gas, nuclear, petroleum and polymers

Improve Ltd
Sector Skills Council for the food and drink manufacturing sector

Proskills UK
Proskills UK represents industries in the process and manufacturing sector

Skills for Logistics
Sector Skills Council for the freight logistics industry

Sector Skills Council for science, engineering and manufacturing technologies

The following apprenticeships are available in this sector

Fashion & textiles

This apprenticeship covers the fashion and textiles supply chain, from the processing of raw materials to product manufacture, through wholesa...More

International trade & logistics operations

Importers deal with bringing goods for sale into the UK from other countries, while exporters handle the procedures for taking goods out of t...More

Glass industry

Glass takes many more forms than just windows. It can be stretched into threads for broadband cables, strengthened to stop bullets or shaped ...More

Polymer processing operations

Polymer processing is the manufacture and production of polymer and synthetic substances such as plastic, nylon and PVC. Plas...More

Print & printed packaging

The printing industry produces a wide spectrum of products, from newspapers, books and magazines to money, passports, signage and printed pa...More

Logistics operations

The ultimate goal of any logistics operation is to move a product from supplier to customer. This path is called the supply cha...More


Locksmithing is a traditional trade that now includes 21st century access control applications and this apprenticeship programme is designed to...More

Life sciences & chemical science professionals

HIGHER APPRENTICESHIP This Higher Apprenticeship offers laboratory, scientific and technical employees the opportunity to g...More

Operations & quality improvement

Nearly everything we use, eat, drink or travel in has been manufactured to some degree. On this Apprenticeship you will gain the ...More

Process manufacturing

The process manufacturing industries produce many of life’s necessities, including pharmaceuticals, soap and toiletries. The ...More

Supply chain management

The supply chain is the movement of goods and services from supplier to customer, and it’s at the heart of every logistics operation. Supply c...More


This apprenticeship deals with the design, production and installation of all sorts of signs, from those displayed on company entrances to th...More

Warehousing & storage

This apprenticeship deals with the movement and storage of goods, and is an essential part of logistics operations. As an app...More

Traffic office

This apprenticeship concerns planning, scheduling and routing goods that are transported overland. Most jobs are in haulage a...More

Improving operational performance

Nearly everything we use, eat, drink or travel in has been manufactured to one degree or another. Apprentices are trained i...More


Explosives apprentices will undertake a variety of functions, including the storage, quality maintenance and inspection, safe handling, trans...More

International supply chain management

The Higher Apprenticeship in International Supply Chain Management will train you for the role of supply chain specialist working within a logi...More

Science industry maintenance technician apprenticeship

In any science industry plant or factory it is crucial that all equipment and machinery is properly maintained to ensure that it runs as smoothl...More

Science manufacturing technician apprenticeship

Science manufacturing technicians work in a wide range of companies, including chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nuclear manufacturing...More

Laboratory technician apprenticeship

Laboratory technicians work in a wide range of organisations, including chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nuclear companies; and analy...More

​ Laboratory scientist apprenticeship – Higher Apprenticeship

Higher Apprenticeship A fully competent laboratory scientist will be able to work in a wide range of organisations, including chemi...More

Food and drink maintenance engineer

The food and drink industry is an exciting place to be a maintenance engineer. World-class companies in the industry use some of the most innova...More

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