Engineering & electrical

The engineering and electrical sector is all about making things work. It’s a huge field, so you’ll specialise in a particular area. As an engineering manufacturing apprentice, for example, you could find yourself demolishing buildings, servicing escalators, checking RAF aircraft or activating phone lines – and that’s just the start of a long list of opportunities.

One thing is certain: you’ll need to be good with machines, whether your specialism is fixing faulty DVD players, or maintaining machinery in a factory. You’ll often need to be good with people, too – you might be going into somebody’s home to fix their fridge or to fix the flood in their bathroom.

Manual and technical skills are important, and maths, IT and science are relevant. You need to be good at following instructions and working as part of a team, but engineers also need to use their own initiative to solve problems.

Useful contacts:

National training organisation for the engineering construction industry

Sector Skills Council for science, engineering and manufacturing technologies

Summit Skills
Sector Skills Council for the building services engineering sector

The following apprenticeships are available in this sector

Advanced manufacturing engineering

HIGHER APPRENTICESHIP Advanced manufacturing engineering apprentices undertake higher-level technical occupations in sectors su...More

Building energy management systems

Apart from your home, almost every building you enter is controlled by a building energy management system. The system controls...More

Building services engineering

There are a wide range of skills and occupations within the building services engineering sector. Lighting, heating, air condit...More

Domestic heating

The domestic heating industry employs skilled craftspeople and technicians who work with a wide range of materials and technologies. ...More

Heating & ventilating

From keeping us warm at the cinema to keeping blood at the right temperature for lifesaving operations, heating and ventilation is fundamenta...More


This Apprenticeship covers the installation, maintenance and repair of electrotechnical equipment – from installing electrical systems insid...More

Engineering construction

The Engineering Construction apprenticeship covers a range of roles in engineering construction, reflecting the many career pathways that requi...More

Engineering manufacture

Engineers design and build the things that make our world go round. Everything, from aeroplanes to mobile phones, comes back to engineering. ...More

Refrigeration & air conditioning

This apprenticeship covers a wide range of skills and occupations within the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. From ...More

Plumbing & heating

The plumbing industry employs skilled craftspeople and technicians who must be familiar with everything from domestic boilers to advanced weld...More

Composite engineering

Composites are made from two or more materials with different properties that, when combined, produce a material with different structural char...More

Broadcast technology

The fusion of creative intervention and technological innovation has created a world-class creative industry in the UK, particularly in terms of...More

Consumer electrical & electronic products

As an apprentice you will learn to deliver and install, or service and maintain, electrical and electronic products such as washing machines, ...More

Systems engineering – Degree Apprenticeship

DEGREE APPRENTICESHIP Systems engineers focus on solving some of the most complex engineering challenges. They do this by colle...More

Installation and maintenance electrician apprenticeship

Electricians install, maintain and repair electrical systems in industrial, commercial and domestic environments. El...More

Aerospace engineer

DEGREE APPRENTICESHIP The UK aerospace industry is one of the most exciting areas of engineering and covers a wide range of craft t...More

Aerospace manufacturing fitter

NEW Within the aerospace industry, aerospace manufacturing fitters are mainly involved in assembling aircraft systems. The work is ...More

Aerospace software development engineer

Aerospace software development engineers play a crucial role in the development, production and maintenance of aircraft. This highly skilled rol...More

Aircraft Maintenance Certifying Engineer

On an Aircraft Maintenance Certifying Engineer apprenticeship you will learn how to maintain and certify aircraft of all types. You will gain a ...More

Aircraft maintenance fitter/technician (fixed and rotary wing)

Aircraft Maintenance Fitters/Technicians work on aircraft of all types and carry out approved maintenance processes to maintain the airworthines...More

Airworthiness, planning, quality and safety technician

Airworthiness, Planning, Quality and Safety Technicians work on reviewing data, making and implementing decisions, and monitoring their effect o...More

Aviation maintenance mechanic

Aviation maintenance mechanics carry out maintenance and ground handling of a wide range of military and civil aircraft operated in the military...More

Embedded electronic systems design and development engineer

As an embedded electronic systems design and development engineer you could be providing products to companies in a wide variety of industries. ...More

Engineering design and draughtsperson

Engineering design and draughtspersons produce designs and drawings for structures, piping, electrical systems, control and instrumentation syst...More

Non-destructive testing engineering technician

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a science-based profession that requires engineering technicians to inspect materials, welds, components and pl...More


Welding is a way to make high-strength joints between two or more parts. General welders use high electrical energy to form an ‘arc’, which ...More

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