Agricultural & land-based industries

Agricultural, land-based and environmental industries can be broken down into three major categories:

  • land management and production
  • animal health and welfare
  • environmental industries

There are a wide variety of jobs in the sector, and most of them are practical, requiring physical effort and work outdoors.

People you will find in the field include general farm workers, gardeners, fencing contractors, tree surgeons and gamekeepers.

There are also creative occupations available, such as floristry; as well as caring jobs that include working for animal welfare charities, as a veterinary nurse, or at a kennels or cattery.

In addition, there are more technical roles on offer, such as land-based engineering, and many management opportunities.

All of the apprenticeships in this sector offer the chance to develop skills in practical, technical and specialised areas with good opportunities for career progression.

Useful contacts:

Sector Skills Council for environment and land-based industries

The agricultural, land-based and environmental industries play a key role in both the national and global economies. In the UK alone, the sector is worth more than £8.9 billion per year, and employs over a million people and 500,000 volunteers. It’s a profitable sector, but that’s only part of it – this industry improves quality of life here in the UK by supplying us with food, producing crops, enriching the rural and urban environment, and protecting our natural heritage.

Agricultural, land-based and environmental industries can be broken down into three major categories: land management and production, animal health and welfare, and environmental industries. It’s not just about muddy wellies, unsocial working hours and manual labour either. There are a wide variety of jobs in the sector, and while many of them are practical, requiring physical effort and work outdoors, there are also opportunities for people to work as skilled technicians, managers and other specialist roles.

The following apprenticeships are available in this sector


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Animal care

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Environmental conservation

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Game & wildlife management

Gamekeepers work in the countryside looking after areas managed for shooting. They make sure that there is enough game (such as grouse or phea...More


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Land-based engineering

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Nursing assistants in a veterinary environment

This apprenticeship deals with the daily care of animals within a veterinary environment. Most work centres around domestic ani...More

Trees and timber

The trees and timber industry includes the care, maintenance and management of trees, woodlands and forests, as well as the production of wood...More

Veterinary nursing

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Agriculture – Higher Apprenticeship

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Golf greenkeeper

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Land-based service engineering

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Sports turf operative

Most public and private sports facilities have grounds where people can play a number of outdoor sports. These require careful attention and car...More

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