Improving operational performance apprenticeship

Manufacturing is one of the largest industries – nearly everything we use, eat, drink or travel in has been manufactured to one degree or another.

Many companies are introducing lean manufacturing and continuous improvement techniques to improve productivity and competitiveness and to help UK manufacturers to withstand stiff international competition from places such as China and the Pacific rim. The highest performing companies in the UK are those that train their employees in the latest business improvement techniques.

This Intermediate Level Improving Operational Performance apprenticeship will give you a route to becoming a trained operator within this important sector as it addresses the fundamental skills needs of a wide variety of engineering, manufacturing, assembly and process operators. There are several different pathways available to you as an apprentice.

Performing Engineering Operations – On this pathway you will gain a basic grounding in engineering operations and techniques to become a semi-skilled operative. Typical job roles include metal working operatives, plant and machine operatives, quality control, routine inspection and testing, and production of parts using computer-controlled equipment. You may then be able to enter an Advanced Level apprenticeship in Engineering Manufacture or in Operations and Quality Improvement.

Performing Manufacturing Operations – Apprentices are trained to operate effectively in a manufacturing environment. On this pathway you might work in assembly operations of electrical and electronic products, vehicles, aerospace, marine, metal goods and production of moulded products.

Business Improvement Techniques – This pathway provides an industry-standard programme centred on the proven tools and techniques of lean process and quality improvement activities. It is designed to support continuous improvement by promoting effective team working and developing lean skills across the wider workforce. This is a down-to-earth, hands-on programme designed for operators in companies that have lean systems in place but are looking to engage the wider workforce in continuous improvement activities. It will teach you to identify and eliminate waste, create flow and improve quality, leading to greater efficiency and increased profitability.

This apprenticeship will appeal to those willing to undertake a course of training both on- and off-the-job and who can apply this learning in the workplace. Successful applicants will have an analytical mind and an aptitude for finding solutions to problems, and will enjoy working as part of a team


Intermediate (Level 2)

Starting salary (once qualified):


Job roles:

Machine operative, Production inspector, Maintenance operator, Materials handler, Quality control operative

Issuing Authority:

Semta –

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