HM Forces apprenticeship

HM Forces apprenticeship

HM Forces continually recruit young people from all walks of life who are interested in securing a career within the Forces and improving their educational standing.

The HM Forces apprenticeships offer a work-based learning route into HM Forces, add rigour to the initial military training, and in turn enhance an individual’s career prospects and academic skill set.

To undertake this apprenticeship you must first successfully complete the recruitment process for the service you want to join (Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army or Royal Air Force), have been accepted to undertake initial military training and have been attested as a member of HM Forces.

Due to the nature of the work you will undertake there are a number of entry restrictions relating to age, nationality, residency, gender, medical and physical fitness. Please check the guidance and current entry requirements for each service on the websites listed below or visit your local Armed Forces careers office.

Depending on which Service you join, you will undertake roles such as Naval warfare rating, Royal Marines general duties rifleman, Army infantryman or RAF regiment gunner. In all roles you will carry out general or more specialised duties which could be in aggressive, peacekeeping or humanitarian roles. Other activities could include preparatory and upgrade training as well as ceremonial duties.

As an apprentice you will be provided with a structured learning programme that meets the needs of your employer, enabling you to fully understand why you should conduct yourself in a professional and safe manner. You will gain a clear understanding of how your performance is directly related to the success of the service and help to secure your future career within both the HM Forces and other sectors.

To be competent as a sailor/marine, soldier or airman you need a range of knowledge and skills relating to physical fitness, first aid, navigation, operating weapons systems, ceremonial duties, combat preparation and damage control, and you will gain these through the apprenticeship in conjunction with your military training. Other areas of the apprenticeship are designed to develop wider skills such as teamwork and effective participation to improve your competence and equip you for future career progression both within the service and in other sectors (e.g. other uniformed services, security services, management and leadership and teaching and assessment) when your service career comes to an end.

Royal Navy (including Royal Marines)

Royal Air


Intermediate (Level 2)

Starting salary (once fully competent):

£14,000, rising to £17,000 on completion of Basic Military Training. Employees of HM Forces can expect their salary to increase with experience and rank. The top end rank earns ~£47,000.

Job role:

Naval warfare rating, Royal Marines general duties rifleman, Army infantryman, RAF regiment gunner

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