History isn’t all about kings and queens; it is also an important component of preserving national heritages.

Historians are a necessary part of maintaining, discovering and informing people about monuments, artifacts, and our social progression to our current state. We can learn a lot from the past and, often, it helps us to understand our present. This is why many young people that are interested in history will find a selection of vocations in Creative, Media & the Arts and Agriculture & land-based industries.

Whether you strive to be the next archeologist to uncover a long-forgotten medieval city underground, or seek to use your knowledge of history to become an art curator, using History as a basis for choosing an apprenticeship can lead to some exciting and unique career opportunities.

Browse the options available and see if you can find something to spark your interest.


Cultural & heritage venue operations

The cultural heritage sector includes museums, galleries, built heritage, conservation, heritage landscape and archeology. The sector collects a...More

Customer service

Good customer service is key to the success of any business or organisation. It’s one of those useful skills that’s found all over the pla...More

Funeral operations & services

Good funeral providers help families through difficult times, providing care, support and reassurance when it matters most. As an...More

HM Forces

This apprenticeship offers a work-based learning route into HM Forces. To join you must successfully complete the recruitment p...More

Legal services

A paralegal is not a qualified lawyer but is qualified to perform legal work that requires knowledge of the law and procedures. ...More

Witness care

Witnesses are essential to successful prosecutions but attending court can be very stressful and it is important to make the process as straig...More

Junior journalist

Journalists bring you the news from your street, community, town or city, and from around the world. They keep you informed and up to date, abou...More

Licensed conveyancer – Degree Apprenticeship

DEGREE APPRENTICESHIP Licensed conveyancers are specialist property lawyers who deal with all legal matters relating to the transfer of own...More

Conveyancing technician – Higher Apprenticeship

Conveyancing technicians support a licensed conveyancer or solicitor in dealing with legal matters relating to the transfer of ownership during ...More

Operational delivery officer

Operational delivery officers have the vital job of keeping the country running, supporting the needs of the most vulnerable individuals and kee...More

Chartered Legal Executive

NEW HIGHER APPRENTICESHIP Chartered Legal Executives provide legal services to internal and external clients. They make deci...More


NEW A paralegal is not a qualified lawyer but is qualified to perform legal work that requires knowledge of the law and procedures....More


NEW DEGREE APPRENTICESHIP Solicitors are people who are legally qualified to act for another person in a court of law. Solic...More

Transport planning technician

Transport planning technicians provide technical support to professional transport planners in both the public and private sectors. In other wor...More

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