Job roles: Team leader, Section leader, Floor manager, Supervisor, Assistant manager, Junior NCO (armed forces)

The best leaders and managers are innovative, creative, and inspirational.

Managers and team leaders oversee employees or departments to make sure they carry out their duties as required. It’s up to them to make the most of company resources (products, people, money, time) to keep the wheels turning and generate a profit.

Your role may involve:

  • planning and allocating work
  • giving feedback
  • managing conflict
  • resolving problems
  • project management
  • agreeing budgets
  • improving customer service.

It helps to be a natural leader and good communication skills are a must. In some small businesses there may be only one manager, while large organisations will have several ranks of junior managers, finance managers, sales managers and so on.

The following apprenticeships are available:

Team leading – Level 2 (Int)

Management – Level 3 (Adv), Level 4 (Higher)

Leadership & management – Level 5 (Higher)

Issuing Authority: Skills CFA

Qualification: Level 2 (Int) Level 3 (Adv) Level 4,5 (Higher)

Salary: Starting salaries vary

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