Health and social care apprenticeship

The Health and social care apprenticeship covers a wide range of job roles on two pathways: the Adult Social Care pathway and the Health Care pathway. This could mean working in the NHS, the private sector, local authorities or in the voluntary sectors.

Social care is about helping people over the age of 18 who have a particular need, such as the disabled, the elderly or people with learning disabilities. This type of care usually takes place in the home or in care homes or out in the community, and can include anything from helping people get dressed to transporting them to and from a residential home or taking them shopping. As an apprentice in Social Care, you could be a personal care assistant helping someone in their everyday life.

On the Health Care pathway, you could work in hospitals, the community, hospices or private clinics as a healthcare support worker or a healthcare assistant. You might support doctors or nurses or help patients in hospital wards or their homes – serving food, making and changing beds,etc.

Completion of the Advanced Level apprenticeship will stand you in good stead for progression onto the Care Leadership and Management Higher Apprenticeship (see page 176) as well as giving you the option to progress on to Higher Education in subjects like nursing or midwifery and operating department practitioner roles in the care sector or management roles in care homes. The main difference between the Intermediate and Advanced Level apprenticeships is the level of responsibility you will hold and the role in which you will work.


Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary (once qualified):

£11,000 – £17,000

Job roles:

Intermediate Level – Healthcare support worker, Healthcare assistant, Care assistant, Personal assistant, Relief team worker, Night care assistant, Support worker – supported living, Home care support worker, Substance misuse worker, Mental health support or outreach worker, Re-enablement worker

Advanced Level – Healthcare support worker, Healthcare assistant, Care officer, Care supervisor, Senior care worker, Supervising care worker, Senior support worker, Relief team leader, Social work assistant, Social services officer, Outreach development worker, Community support worker, Family support worker, Personal assistant

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