Hairdressing apprenticeship

Hairdressing apprenticeship

Hairdressing is a vibrant, fast-paced industry and provides a range of services to make clients look and feel better.

On a hairdressing apprenticeship, you will work closely with clients and will need good communication skills and the ability to put them at ease, as well as understanding exactly what your customer wants in order to make them happy.

Junior stylists assist a hairdresser as required to support the running of the salon. On your apprenticeship, you’ll study hairdressing topics such as hair and skin testing, the effects of chemicals on hair and skin, and the principles of hair colour selection – there’s also the option to learn about promoting products, perming, or relaxing different types of hair. You’ll learn about shampooing, conditioning, drying and styling hair; how to mix and apply hair colouring; and how to book appointments.

Once qualified, you’ll become a stylist or hair professional who will commonly carry out a range of tasks such as styling, finishing, setting and dressing hair. You’ll be able to cut hair using basic techniques, as well as knowing how to colour and lighten, perm and neutralise, and plait and twist hair.

Level 3 is the recognised qualification for competence within the hairdressing industry and it will allow you to become a senior stylist or senior hair professional. At this point you can take your learning a step further by developing your cutting and colouring skills so you can carry out all the latest fashion techniques – and maybe even determine the fashion looks of the future.

Most hairdressers are based in salons although some can work in hospitals, resorts and even cruise liners. It can be a glamorous career choice: with further training you might become a session stylist or platform stylist for film and TV, or help develop new products. In the future you might run your own salon, or work for individual clients.

On this apprenticeship you’ll spend a lot of time on your feet, and it’s important that you look smart (and have an even better hairstyle).



Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary (once qualified):


A hairdresser’s income will be above the minimum wage. Some specialist technicians will earn a high income depending on their area of expertise.

Job roles:

Junior stylist, Hair professional, Stylist, Hairdresser, Senior stylist

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