Gas network craftsperson apprenticeship

Gas network craftsperson apprenticeship

The gas network craftsperson apprenticeship will teach you to safely build, maintain and repair components of the UK’s gas network infrastructure to provide a reliable supply of gas to domestic, commercial and industrial users.

There are three main roles within the gas network craftsperson apprenticeship:

Emergency response craftsperson – An emergency response craftsperson responds to public reported upstream and downstream gas emergencies. As an apprentice, this role could see you installing gas meters and regulators, testing gas pipework, replacing emergency control valves and carrying out investigations in relation to gas escapes, in line with company procedures. You will be required to liaise with emergency services and other statutory authorities as necessary. For this role you will need to achieve Gas Safe Registration in Emergency Services categories.

Network maintenance craftsperson (electrical & instrumentation) – As an apprentice you will learn to apply the theories and principles of electronics to carry out diagnostic fault finding procedures. You will maintain and repair instrumentation and control equipment and circuits, site lighting, and other equipment. Other responsibilities might include cable testing across a range of voltages and carrying out isolation procedures to ensure safety of personnel when carrying out operations.

Network maintenance craftsperson (pressure management) – This role will teach you the skills to carry out Pressure Monitoring & Control (PMAC) using a variety of mechanical systems and equipment. You will install, position or re-locate mechanical equipment and components; test, service and repair mechanical equipment as part of planned maintenance maintenance programmes; and inspect and maintain high-pressure storage, and condition monitoring equipment.


Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary:

Not available

Job role:

Gas network craftsperson

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