Food and drink maintenance engineer apprenticeship

Food and drink maintenance engineer apprenticeship

The food and drink industry is an exciting place to be a maintenance engineer. World-class companies in the industry use some of the most innovative, modern and technically automated equipment available to manufacture a wide range of food and drink products for consumers.

Companies employ mechanical and/or multi-skilled maintenance engineers according to the types of product they make.

As an apprentice food and drink mechanical maintenance engineer, you will mainly work with mechanical and electrical equipment and production systems. Multi-skilled maintenance engineers generally work with mechanical and electrical equipment plus highly automated programmable control systems.

Either role would require you to maximise the benefits of the technology and equipment you work with. Depending on the type of product and plant in your company, the engineering activities you carry out will include routine maintenance, fault finding and diagnosis, testing and commissioning. Routine mechanical maintenance activities could include removing and replacing components, cleaning, lubrication, inspection and fault finding.

You will need to ensure that all maintenance activities contribute to optimising food and drink production levels, and that maintenance is conducted safely, and in compliance with food safety legislation in this highly regulated industry.

Most employers will ask for four GCSEs at grade C or equivalent, including maths, English and a science. Apprentices will be required to complete an independent assessment test at the end of their programme. After completion, apprentices may progress on to a wide range of employment opportunities, or to higher education (e.g. MEng in Food Engineering).


Level 3 (Advanced)

Starting salary (once qualified):

not available

Job roles:

Food and drink mechanical/multi-skilled maintenance engineer

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