Fencing apprenticeship

Fencing apprenticeship

The Fencing apprenticeship deals with the construction and repair of fences.

Fences can be simple or incredibly hi-tech, serving a variety of purposes – from motorway barriers and zoo enclosures to prison perimeters and garden fences. The range of projects is very broad, and so installers need to know how to work with all types of fencing and related construction materials, such as concrete. They must also be able to locate services and know how to contact electricity, gas, phone and water companies to make sure post foundations are clear of pipes and cables.

A fence installer begins work by levelling and setting out, excavating and digging holes to take the posts (which could be made from concrete, timber, metal, or plastic), and then securing the posts. After cutting the fencing or panels to size, installers fix them to the posts and then sometimes paint and weatherproof the finished fence.

As an apprentice, you’ll assist a fence installer and learn how to operate and maintain relevant tools; how to prepare sites for fence erection works; and how to complete work to customer requirements. You could also choose to learn how to erect specialist fencing, such as high-security fencing.

As an Advanced Level apprentice you will learn to supervise others who are installing or maintaining fences.


Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary:


Job roles:

General fence installer, VRS installer, Lead fence installer, Agricultural fencing contractor, Contracts supervisor

Issuing Authority:

Lantra – www.lantra.co.uk