Fashion and textiles apprenticeship

Fashion and textiles apprenticeship

The fashion and textiles sector covers the whole supply chain, from the processing of raw materials to product manufacture, through wholesale and trading activities, as well as extending to the after-sales servicing of products.

The fashion and textiles industry is dominated by small businesses; more than 70 percent are sole traders.

This apprenticeship is important to the future success of the fashion and textiles supply chain due to the rapid changes that have occurred within the environment in which fashion and textiles businesses compete.

The apprenticeship will prepare you with the technical and practical skills that businesses need. You will specialise in one of the ten main areas – textiles, apparel, tailoring, leathergoods, leather production, footwear, saddlery, laundry, dry cleaning and textile care services. The types of jobs you might be doing as an apprentice will vary according to the area you have specialised in.


Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary (once qualified):

Varies according to individual roles (see the Creative Skillset website)

Job roles:

  • Textiles – Textile operative, Quality control inspector, Sewing machinist, Knitting operative, Textile technologist, Textile dyeing technician, Team leader/supervisor
  • Apparel – Clothing sewing machinist, Dressmaker, Pattern cutter, Sample machinist, Pattern grader, Cloth cutter, Clothing presser, Garment technologist, Pattern technologist, Quality control inspector, Team leader/supervisor
  • Tailoring – Technical salesperson (Tailoring), Handcraft tailor, Team leader/supervisor
  • Leather goods – Quality control inspector, Leather craftworker, Retail/Service operative, Pattern cutter, Leather goods designer, Sample machinist, Team leader/supervisor
  • Leather production – Leather technician, Leather technologist, Tannery process supervisor, Leather tanner, Trimmer/Finisher, Team leader/supervisor
  • Footwear – Leather craftworker, Pattern cutter, Sample machinist, Product tester, Quality control inspector, Retail/Service operative, Team leader/supervisor, Footwear Designer, Shoe repairer
  • Saddlery – Saddler, Harness maker, Pattern cutter, Leather craftworker, Retail/Service operative, Team leader/supervisor
  • Laundry – Laundry worker, Clothing packer
  • Dry cleaning – Dry cleaning worker, Clothing presser
  • Textile care services (laundry and dry cleaning) – Textiles care service worker, Clothing presser, Clothing packer, Clothing alteration hand

Issuing Authority:

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