Extractives and mineral processing apprenticeship

We all depend on the Earth’s mineral resources. From toothpaste to bricks, many essential everyday products are made from natural resources that must be found, mined, quarried or dredged from the ground or sea bed and then processed to meet the needs of customers.

For example, rock, slate and chalk are extracted at quarries; coal, salt and potash from mines; and sand and gravel may be dredged from the sea bed. For example, crushed rock is coated with bitumen at an asphalt plant and used to make or repair roads and runways. Crushed rock, sand and gravel are mixed with cement to produce concrete. Ornamental building stone is cut, shaped and finished. And afterwards, everything needs to be patched up again.

The extractives and mineral processing industry is diverse and includes deep coal mines and opencast coal working, extraction of peat, and mining of iron ore, uranium and other metal ores. From operation of sand and gravel pits to production of salt or manufacture of cement, plaster, ready-mixed concrete and mortars, the opportunities available are endless.

Job roles range from those requiring very traditional skills to ones which are controlled and monitored by sophisticated, cutting-edge technology systems. The industry requires many specialised jobs to work together under the strictest health and safety guidelines.

The extractive and mineral processing industry is perfect for anyone who enjoys being outside and working with their hands. You will need to be physically fit as your role may require you to lift and handle heavy equipment (although most factories have lifting devices) and to spend long periods standing.

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Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3), Higher (Levels 4 and 5)

Starting salary (once qualified):


Job roles:

Mobile/Fixed plant operator, Shotfirer, Mines electrical or mechanical technician, Mines rescue worker, Maintenance supervisor

Issuing Authority:

Proskills UK Ltd – www.proskills.co.uk

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