National Grid apprentices benefit from EAL’s flexible solutions

One of the first employers to benefit from EAL’s new Flexible Solutions programme is international electricity and gas company National Grid

Development specialist Graham Smith works at National Grid’s training centre in Nottingham. His team is responsible for training apprentices working in gas transmission and gas distribution, so high-quality training is essential to prepare staff to work safely in hazardous areas.

Graham says: “Recruiting and training apprentices is a massive priority for us as a company and attracting the best new entrants into industry and providing high-quality training is essential.

“We offered a substantial block of training as part of our Electrical and Instrumentation Gas Apprenticeship, covering everything our apprentices needed to know about working in hazardous areas. It took six weeks to complete and gave apprentices the opportunity to work on a replica above-ground installation, something that wouldn’t be available at a local college. But we found ourselves in a situation where we were providing comprehensive and essential training which offered an apprentice no more on paper than a note on their file to say it had been completed.

“We wanted to recognise the skills and knowledge acquired during the course, so we asked EAL if they could accredit the training modules for us. Now our apprentices are able to work through National Grid Gas Electrical Modules, which are fully accredited in house by EAL. It means much more to our apprentices to get an accredited certificate from a national awarding organisation.”