EAL and Airbus partnership takes off

A dynamic partnership to deliver the very best apprentices and graduates to the UK aerospace sector has been formed between Airbus and EAL, the awarding organisation for industry

EAL and Airbus have a long-standing working relationship, with EAL providing apprenticeship qualifications to Airbus, but a new agreement has taken this partnership to a new level.

The partnership will recognise excellence in aerospace with EAL certification of the Airbus Graduate programme, and for young people attending work experience at Airbus, the unique offer of a dual-branded Industrial Cadets certification.

Gavin Jones, head of early careers programmes at Airbus (Broughton), says: “EAL have been underwriting our existing apprenticeship programmes with their vocational qualifications for a number of years now. Our new partnership agreement is a reflection of the work we are now doing across all of our early careers programmes.”

Mick Fleming, head of people resourcing from Airbus, added: “We look forward to continuing our work with EAL to ensure our skills strategy is aligned to the needs of our organisational development and with future needs and reforms. EAL provide us with the day-to-day support for us to be confident in how we are managing our business. It is an excellent partnership which we are proud of.”