Dental laboratory assistant apprenticeship

Dental laboratory assistant apprenticeship

Dental laboratory assistants assist dental technicians with the design, manufacture, modification and repair of custom-made dental devices.

As an apprentice dental laboratory assistant, you will work under supervision in a laboratory. You will develop basic competency in core laboratory skills related to the manufacture of a range of dental devices, and may gain more specialised knowledge of working with crowns, bridges, dentures or orthodontic appliances.

You will learn about oral anatomy, and gain a good understanding of the basic materials used in the manu-facture of custom-made dental devices. Working as part of a wider dental team, you will gain an understanding of the health & safety regulations and other guidelines that all dental practitioners must comply with.

After completing this apprenticeship you may have the opportunity to enroll on a Higher Apprenticeship.


Level 3 (Advanced)

Starting salary (once qualified):

not available

Job role:

Dental laboratory assistant

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