Cyber intrusion analyst apprenticeship

Cyber intrusion analyst apprenticeship

A cyber intrusion analyst apprenticeship will train you to detect breaches in network security for escalation to incident response or other determined function.

Cyber intrusion analysts will typically use a range of automated tools to monitor networks in real time, and will be able to understand and interpret the alerts that are automatically generated by those tools. They will integrate and correlate information in different forms from a variety of sources and, where necessary, seek additional information to help decide whether or not there has been a security breach.

If a security breach is detected, it is the cyber intrusion analyst’s job to notify the incident response team of the breach and provide evidence with reasoning that supports the judgement that a breach has occurred.

Cyber intrusion analysts typically work as part of a team (or may lead a team) and will interact with external stakeholders, including customers and third party sources of threat and vulnerability intelligence and advice.


Level 4 (Higher)

Starting salary:

Not available

Job roles:

Secure operations centre analyst, Intrusion analyst, Network intrusion analyst, Incident response centre analyst, Network operations centre security analyst

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