Cultural and heritage apprenticeship

Cultural and heritage apprenticeship

The cultural and heritage apprenticeship spans museums, galleries, built heritage, conservation, heritage landscape and archeology.

The sector collects and preserves the past, provides opportunities for learning and engagement and provides creativity, inspiration, and enjoyment.

Cultural heritage helps us to understand how society has evolved and contributes to shaping the future. It is a broad area, encompassing historic buildings, landscapes and collections – from towns, cities and rural spaces in the UK, to collections from across the world. It includes languages, customs and practices.

As an Intermediate Level apprentice you might train as a conservation assistant, perhaps overseeing cleaning and restoration projects, hosting tours for groups and supporting curators. You could also work as an exhibition guide, explaining displays/exhibitions to a range of audiences, demonstrating skills or practices (e.g. ancient crafts or costumes) and helping visitors to understand about a time in history. Visitor services assistants meet customers, and explain displays and exhibits. Or you might join the front of house and administration support staff, handling ticket sales, or dealing with customers, finance, staff records and visitor numbers.

On the Advanced Level cultural and heritage apprenticeship you would train as an assistant archivist, assistant exhibition organiser, or assistant museum/art gallery curator.

You will have an interest in history and the arts as well as good communication skills on which this apprenticeship will build. Some job roles may require a CRB check.


Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary:

Salaries vary across the sector

Job roles:

Intermediate Level – Conservation assistant, Exhibition guide, Visitor services assistant, Front of house administration support

Advanced Level – Assistant archivist, Assistant exhibition organiser, Assistant museum/art gallery curator

Issuing Authority:

Creative and Cultural Skills –