Craft and technical roles in film and TV

Craft and technical roles in film and TV

The UK craft and technical departments are recognised internationally for their expertise, professionalism, flexibility and commitment to the creative and technological process of film-making.

Constructed sets and background scenery play a crucial role in all film and TV productions. As an apprentice, you will play an important behind-the-scenes role in film and TV productions – this could include building platforms, assembling backdrops, plastering, and constructing other set pieces required for a specific performance.

This Advanced Level apprenticeship offers two pathways: Set Plastering and Set Carpentry. By undertaking this apprenticeship you will develop skills to work effectively in set plasterer and set carpenter roles in the film sector. You will learn about the film sector, and will experience work with a number of productions.

In this very competitive industry, you cannot just have the right qualification, or just be really keen, or just have some experience. You need ALL these things – and more. You will need to demonstrate every skill, piece of knowledge, training and personal attribute you have to make you more employable than the next person.

Freelancing is common in the film industry, so apprentices will need to consider this form of employment to progress their career.

Set carpenter apprentices can progress towards standby carpenter and chargehand carpenter roles, whereas set plasterer apprentices may become a chargehand plasterer, supervisory plasterer and then head of department plasterer. Both pathways could lead to more generic construction roles and progress within the film sector.


Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary:

Salaries vary across the sector

Job roles:

Set carpenter, Set plasterer

Issuing Authority:

Creative Skillset –

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