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Degree Apprenticeships offer a win-win situation for both apprentice and employer

Roisin has undertaken a Degree Apprenticeship in Management and Leadership with Uni@Work at Coventry University

Roisin, a sourcing fulfilment specialist, undertook a four-year Degree Apprenticeship programme with Uni@Work, comprising a foundation degree and top-up year, leading to BA (Hons) degree in Management and Leadership.

“It was an amazing opportunity to get work experience while learning. I could apply everything I learnt to ‘real-life’ situations,” she says.

Although it was hard work combining study with a full-time job, Roisin feels the benefits far outweighed any difficulties.

“Uni@Work helped me with my prioritisation skills, and learning how to manage people and completing business projects has really helped me in my career; I would not be as confident or competent today without this degree. It is not just an academic course, but a life development course too.

“The support we received was outstanding. We got quick responses from our tutor with detailed suggestions and improvements, and she really made us apply ourselves. It was amazing to see how much we all improved academically.”

Roisin sees a Degree Apprenticeship as a win-win for both the apprentice and his or her employer: “The apprentices on the degree are more motivated in day jobs because of the great opportunity, and because we are treated well, we are willing to work harder and give more back to the company in return for the great training.”