Costume and wardrobe apprenticeship

Costume and wardrobe apprenticeship

The Costume and Wardrobe apprenticeship provides a basis for a career in the costume and wardrobe aspects of theatre production.

All theatrical performances, such as plays, musicals, TV or film productions, rely on scenery, props and costumes to make them a success. Those working in costume and wardrobe play a key role in making sure that costumes accurately represent the period. They work with artistic directors, producers, set designers, technical and lighting departments, as well as designing, altering and sourcing costumes.

The Costume and Wardrobe apprenticeship will introduce you to working backstage in a theatre or live event setting and provide a basis for a career in the costume and wardrobe aspects of theatre production. You will gain real experience of working as part of a wardrobe team, seeing a production wardrobe through from initial idea, via development, to final costume production.

Intermediate Level apprentices will train as costume/wardrobe assistants, supporting assembling, making and altering clothes for actors and assisting them to dress; helping cutters; searching for hired costumes and accessories; helping with cleaning, washing and ironing of costumes; keeping records of accessories; and helping to source costumes, materials and equipment.

On the Advanced Level apprenticeship you will train as an assistant costume/wardrobe manager, researching the type of clothes and accessories worn for a production; attending meetings with the artistic director, producer, set designer and technical and lighting departments; assisting with presentation of design ideas to the production team; briefing and monitoring the team; and supporting the making and finishing of costumes.

You will have a keen interest in working in costume and wardrobe, a creative flair and an interest in history. You will need to understand the importance of working in teams and have tact and diplomacy when working with actors. You will also be willing to work shifts. Some job roles may require you to be CRB checked.


Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary:

Salaries vary across the sector

Job roles:

Costume/Wardrobe assistant, Assistant costume wardrobe manager

Issuing Authority:

Creative and Cultural Skills –

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