Control/technical support engineering apprenticeship

Control/technical support engineering apprenticeship

Within the automotive industry, control/technical support engineers primarily assist the smooth running of manufacturing activity in areas such as site maintenance.

Typically they work closely alongside other production roles in a fast-paced and cost-conscious manufacturing environment, where complex problem solving is key.

In the initial stages of your Control/Technical Support Engineering apprenticeship, you will develop a solid grasp of core mechatronics engineering skills, such as how to diagnose faults and carry out repairs on high-technology engineered systems, and how to minimise machinery downtime by carrying out preventative planned maintenance. These skills will prepare you for the workplace and enable you to demonstrate that you have the required manual dexterity to do your core role.

As you progress through your apprenticeship, you will hone your general engineering skills, along with maintenance and manufacturing principles and their applications in industry, as well as investigation and interrogation skills for software applications.

Your apprenticeship training will give you a solid grasp of: analytical, mathematic and scientific methods for engineers; project design; instrumentation and control principles; pneumatics and hydraulics; health, safety and risk assessment in engineering; industrial control systems; materials and manufacturing processes; and engineering project management

To meet the high standards expected by the modern engineering industry, you will need to have a strong work ethic, a logical approach to completing the tasks you are set and the ability to think ‘on your feet’ when working through them. Quality and safety are both of paramount importance in this industry and your employer will expect you to comply with all health & safety regulations and pay close attention to detail in all aspects of your work.

At the end of a Control/Technical Support Engineering apprenticeship, you will complete a BSc (Hons) or BEng (Hons) in Engineering. This will generally take between five and six years.

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Level 6 (Degree Apprenticeship)

Starting salary:

not available

Job roles:

Control/Technical support engineer

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