Consumer electrical and electronic products apprenticeship

Consumer electrical and electronic products apprenticeship

On a Consumer Electrical and Electronic Products apprenticeship you will be involved in the delivery and installation, or service and maintenance, of electrical and electronic products such as washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, visual and audio entertainment systems.

These products could be installed in domestic, industrial and commercial premises where you will need technical skills to replace, for example, a whole part such as a dishwasher element or a control circuit board, as well as good levels of customer service and communication skills. You may be required to visit a customer’s premises to diagnose a fault and then carry out any necessary repair work on site.

As an Advanced Level apprentice you might work to repair faults in electronic components. For this work you are likely to be workshop-based, repairing products at a component level (e.g. replacing resistors and micro-chips), but you may be required to collect products from customers’ premises and return them to the workshop for further investigation.

Whatever role you work in, it will help if you are practically minded and are interested in technology. You will need to have good numeracy and literacy skills, as a significant amount of paperwork will be involved. Apprentices must also have good colour vision to be able to recognise colour-coded wires and components.

You should be willing to learn to drive if you don’t already have a driving licence and some roles may require you to work outside and carry out manual lifting of heavy electrical products.


Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary (once qualified):


Job roles:

Installer, Faults repairer

Issuing Authority:

Summit Skills –