Commis chef

Commis chef

If you fancy yourself as the next Jamie Oliver, Angela Hartnett or Dan Doherty, then the only real way to climb the ladder in a professional kitchen is to join as a commis chef.

This is the most junior culinary role there is, and is the most common starting position for many chefs. The commis chef learns how to carry out the basic functions in every section of the kitchen. You will therefore have the opportunity to experience every aspect of a full service, allowing you to decide in which direction to take your culinary career.

On a Commis Chef apprenticeship, in between trimming meat, slicing vegetables, tasting sauces and blowtorching meringues, you will also get to grips with how to store and preserve food, maintain stock and develop your time-keeping skills.

You will in a high-pressure environment, especially when the restaurant is busy, which may mean some long hours, but in return you get to work in an exciting team environment, with great camaraderie, where you can learn from experienced and inspirational chefs.

To make it as a commis chef, you have to be able to work quickly and communicate well with your fellow kitchen staff. The ability to concentrate and pay attention to detail when pushed for time is also essential, as is a determination to improve and pick up new techniques on an almost daily basis.


Level 2 (Intermediate)

Starting salary

Not available

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Commis chef

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