Combined manufacturing processes – paper apprenticeship

The paper and board manufacturing industry produces products ranging from books, newspapers, money and tracing paper, through filters, roofing felt, packaging board and wallpaper, to tissue paper, disposable nappies and healthcare products.

Your work in the paper industry will vary greatly according to your employer’s business and there are a myriad of opportunities available in a variety of disciplines. Some paper manufacturing processes are automated while others are carried out by hand. Many processes are now controlled and monitored by sophisticated technology systems and the industry needs a skilled workforce that is able and willing to respond and adapt to changing demands and processes.

As an apprentice you could train to be a paper maker, operating equipment involved in the manufacture of paper and paper-derived products. In other roles you might learn to transform raw materials, recycled paper and wood pulp into the liquid stock needed to make paper. On the Advanced Level apprenticeship you would take a more supervisory role, perhaps leading a team of operators, setting production schedules, planning coordinating and controlling the production process at all stages of papermaking.

For many jobs within the paper industry you will be required to work in a factory-based environment. Overtime, shift work and weekend working may also be required by some employers.

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Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary (once qualified):


Job roles:

Paper maker, Coating/chemical additives operative, Winder operative

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