Cleaning and environmental services apprenticeship

Cleaning and environmental services apprenticeship

The Cleaning and Environmental Services apprenticeship has two pathways: Cleaning, covering many aspects of professional cleaning, and Local Environmental Services, a mixture of external cleaning and horticulture skills.

There’s more to cleaning than most people realise – cleaning staff can sometimes work at crime and accident scenes, or for the NHS ensuring cleanliness of hospital wards, waiting rooms and offices. They might even take charge of a large-scale clean-up, like on a festival site. As a local environmental services apprentice, you will be working for local authorities and housing associations in settings such as parks, cemeteries and crematoria; public rights of way; countryside recreation sites; and open spaces around people’s homes and council buildings.

Training is an important part of this career because cleaners deal with hazardous chemicals, and sometimes with large machinery. They also need to have the right customer care skills as cleaners are often in contact with customers. As an apprentice, you’ll learn a range of cleaning techniques and skills including health and safety; working effectively with customers and others; and communication skills. Depending on your employer, you might learn how to clean food areas, confined areas, high-risk areas or the inside of passenger transport vehicles.

There are even more specialised skills. You might learn how to operate a street cleaner, landscape grounds, how to maintain turf or how to carry out maintenance and minor repairs. You might clean specialised electronic equipment, or use a water-fed pole system to clean windows and building façades. A huge range of things need cleaning, so you could find yourself working in a variety of places.


Intermediate (Level 2)

Starting salary (once qualified):

£11,000 – £12,000

Job roles:

Hygiene operative, Window cleaner, Street cleansing operative, Specialist cleaner, Caretaker, Neighbourhood services operative

Issuing Authority:

The Building Futures Group –