Working with your hands apprenticeships

If you want to work with your hands, there are a huge number of apprenticeships on offer to you

Browse through the list below for some ideas.

Working with your hands apprenticeships

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“Managing trees, plants and the environment in forests and woodland” Forestry is the art, science and practice of woodland establishment,

“Working in partnership with horses and caring for their needs” As an equine groom apprentice, you’ll enter a vocational industry,

“Optimising crop/plant yields, while maintaining and improving the surrounding environment” As a crop technician, you’ll be responsible for optimising crop

“Working to keep public and private spaces and properties clean and habitable, for the benefit of all who use them”

“Cleaning and maintaining environments, and controlling pests” There’s more to cleaning and environmental health than most people realise—cleaning staff can

“Planting, felling and maintaining trees” The arboricultural industry manages trees for their benefits and values in diverse urban and rural

“Looking after the routine day-to-day care of domestic and/or wild animals” Animal care and welfare assistants work under guidance in

“Managing animals before and during the slaughtering process” From receiving animals in the strictly controlled handling (lairage) facility and through

Electrical power protection and plant commissioning engineer

An Electrical Power Protection and Plant Commissioning Engineer apprenticeship will give you detailed knowledge of electrical power systems and plant

If you fancy yourself as the next Jamie Oliver, Angela Hartnett or Dan Doherty, then the only real way to

The Bus and Coach Engineering and Maintenance apprenticeship deals with the maintenance and repair of buses and coaches, or passenger carrying

Within the automotive industry, control/technical support engineers primarily assist the smooth running of manufacturing activity in areas such as site

Within the automotive industry, electrical/electronic technical support engineers primarily support manufacturing in both assembly and in product design and development.

Manufacturing engineering apprenticeship

Within the automotive industry, manufacturing engineers primarily support the activities involved in bringing design programmes into manufacture. This role is

Within the automotive industry, mechatronics maintenance technicians ensure that plant and equipment perform to the required standard to facilitate production

On a Multi-skilled Vehicle Collision Repair apprenticeship you will train as an auto repair technician in the collision repair industry,

The automotive industry is always looking ahead to the future and product designers and engineers work together to determine the

The automotive industry is always looking ahead to the future and product designers and engineers work together to determine the

The rail industry is a vibrant and growing means of public and freight transport. It provides a service to customers

The Vehicle body and paint operations apprenticeship is about patching up damaged vehicles. From a scratched door to a dented

The Vehicle Fitting apprenticeship deals with fast-fit operations in the motor vehicle industry. Motor vehicle fitters, or fast-fit technicians, repair

Skilled engineers who can install and maintain security cameras, intruder and fire alarms and card-access systems are in demand in

Building products industry occupations apprenticeship

The building products industry plays a key role in the supply of essential products to the construction industry, including bricks,

Ceramics manufacturing apprenticeship

From cereal bowls to hair straighteners, tiles to toilets, washbasins to water filters, ceramic material is found in many items

Combined manufacturing processes – paper apprenticeship

The paper and board manufacturing industry produces products ranging from books, newspapers, money and tracing paper, through filters, roofing felt,

The apprenticeship in Explosives provides a structured programme of learning and practical experience with an emphasis on explosives safety. Apprentices

Extractives and mineral processing apprenticeship

We all depend on the Earth’s mineral resources. From toothpaste to bricks, many essential everyday products are made from natural

Food and drink apprenticeship

Getting food on the shelves depends on a range of different people doing various jobs within the food and drink

The fashion and textiles sector covers the whole supply chain, from the processing of raw materials to product manufacture, through

The food and drink industry is an exciting place to be a maintenance engineer. World-class companies in the industry use

Furniture, furnishings and interiors apprenticeship

Without furniture the world would be an empty and uncomfortable place. There will always be a need for people to

Glass industry occupations apprenticeship

Glass takes many more forms than just windows. It can be stretched into threads for broadband cables, strengthened to stop

Improving operational performance apprenticeship

Manufacturing is one of the largest industries – nearly everything we use, eat, drink or travel in has been manufactured

Laboratory technician apprenticeship

Laboratory technicians work in a wide range of organisations, including chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nuclear companies; and analytical science services.

Laboratory scientist apprenticeship

A fully competent laboratory scientist will be able to work in a wide range of organisations, including chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology,

Life sciences and chemical science professionals apprenticeship

A vast range of industries employ science technicians, including pharmaceuticals or petrochemicals, marine science or mining and quarrying, environmental science

Locksmithing apprenticeship

Locksmithing is a traditional trade that now includes 21st century access control applications. The Locksmithing apprenticeship programme is designed to

Metal processing and allied operations apprenticeship

The metal processing industry covers a variety of ways of working with different metals to produce materials that are suitable

Mineral products technology apprenticeship

Mineral products are extracted from the ground and used in their natural form or can be processed into bricks, concrete

Polymer processing operations apprenticeship

Polymer processing deals with the manufacture and production of polymer and synthetic substances such as plastic, nylon and PVC. Plastic

Print and printed packaging apprenticeship

The printing industry produces a wide and varied spectrum of products ranging from the obvious – newspapers, books and magazines

Process manufacturing apprenticeship

The process manufacturing industries produce many of life’s necessities including products like pharmaceuticals, soap and toiletries, while the refining industries

Production of coatings apprenticeship

You can’t always see them but coatings are everywhere: on our jackets, walls, cars and computers to name a few.

Science industry maintenance technician apprenticeship

In any science industry plant or factory it is crucial that all equipment and machinery is properly maintained to ensure

Science manufacturing technician apprenticeship

Science manufacturing technicians work in a wide range of companies, including chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nuclear manufacturing. The role of

The signmaking industry deals with the design, production and installation of all sorts of signs, from those displayed on company

Warehousing and storage apprenticeship

The Warehousing and Storage apprenticeship deals with the movement and storage of goods, and is an essential part of logistics

Wood and timber processing and merchants industry apprenticeship

The wood and timber industry supplies products for use in residential and commercial spaces, including veneer, plywood, particle board, cork

The Catering and Professional Chefs apprenticeship covers a range of occupations within one of the largest industries in the country.

Dental technician apprenticeship

Dental technicians design, manufacture, modify and repair custom-made dental appliances. Typically the work is undertaken in a laboratory on a