Working with your hands apprenticeships

If you want to work with your hands, there are a huge number of apprenticeships on offer to you

Browse through the list below for some ideas.

Working with your hands apprenticeships

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“A spectacle maker produces and repairs finished, quality-assured spectacles” As a spectacle maker, you’ll use your skills and time to

“A podiatrist is a healthcare professional specialising in the lower limb (feet, ankles and legs), providing high-quality clinical care to

“A paramedic provides high quality and compassionate care, responding to the needs of service users and carers across lifespans” A

“An operating department practitioner works alongside other professionals taking a lead role in ensuring a patient is safe during each

“The dental nurse assists other dental health professionals, providing chair-side support and a high level of patient care” The dental

“A unified communications troubleshooter installs equipment and software, and handles incidents and requests for help across unified communications technologies” As

“A unified communications technician sets up and maintains communications systems under supervision, and installs communication hardware and software” A unified

“A technician scientist carries out established laboratory-based investigations and basic scientific experimentation using bench and instrumentation techniques” As a technician

“A science manufacturing technician operates the systems and equipment involved in the production of goods” A science manufacturing technician works

“A science manufacturing process operative undertakes basic operations and monitoring of plant and equipment” The science manufacturing process operative is

“A science industry process/plant engineer apprentice is involved in process design and manufacture of chemical-, biological- or science-based technology, industrial

“A science industry maintenance technician contributes to the operation of a science industry plant by installing, maintaining, testing and repairing

“A laboratory technician provides routine and one-off testing and technical support in a scientific laboratory environment” A laboratory technician works

  “A laboratory scientist carries out technical and scientific activity in laboratories in their specialist discipline” A laboratory scientist applies

“A laboratory scientist carries out technical and scientific activity in laboratories across a range of industries” The laboratory scientist apprenticeship

“The healthcare science practitioner supports the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions” A healthcare science practitioner provides scientific and

“A healthcare science associate works in hospitals, primary care and other healthcare settings, carrying out routine technical and scientific procedures, and

“The dental technician designs, manufactures, modifies and repairs custom-made dental appliances” Typically, your work as a dental technician will be undertaken

“The dental laboratory assistant works technicians, who design, make, modify and repair custom made dental devices” Many dental laboratories have

“A dairy technologist develops and produces dairy products from raw materials, including milk from cows, sheep and goats. Products include

“A clinical trials specialist works as part of a multi-disciplinary team focusing on the delivery and execution of phase one-to-four

“An animal technologist carries out complex scientific procedures on laboratory animals in compliance with animal welfare legislation” Animal technologists are

“A property maintenance operative ensures that buildings are in a safe working condition” The primary role of a property maintenance

“Cleaning, feeding, handling and grooming animals on a daily basis” This apprenticeship is designed to develop your existing knowledge of

“Providing expert nursing care for sick animals” Veterinary nursing is the supportive care of animals receiving treatment within a veterinary

“Establishment, care, maintenance and management of trees, woodlands and forests, as well as the production of wood and timber products”

“Managing and supervising a waste management or recycling operation” Waste management and recycling are increasingly important as populations grow and

“Providing for and coordinating the day-to-day care of horses” As an apprentice senior equine groom, you can expect to handle

“Making and repairing horse saddles” The saddlery trade supports the pursuit of excellence in its traditional craft skills while also

“Supporting the bird development process, maintaining bird accommodation and preparing and monitoring the livestock production environment, whether this is on

“Raising animals with optimal welfare and consideration for their needs throughout the different stages of life” As a poultry technician,

Pest control regulates or manages a species known as a pest and that can be perceived to be detrimental to

“Identifying different metals, sorting and separating them into grades” As a metal recycling general operative, you’ll train in a range

“Providing advanced technical support and guidance across a diverse range of plant and equipment in sectors such as agriculture, horticulture,

“Planning and maintaining large gardens, parks and other green spaces” Horticulture and landscape operatives are employed to work in public

“Preservation, restoration, re-manufacture, service and repair of historic engineering achievements” Heritage engineering technicians work on heritage artefacts that are unique

“Managing trees, plants and the environment in forests and woodland” Forestry is the art, science and practice of woodland establishment,

“Working in partnership with horses and caring for their needs” As an equine groom apprentice, you’ll enter a vocational industry,

“Optimising crop/plant yields, while maintaining and improving the surrounding environment” As a crop technician, you’ll be responsible for optimising crop

“Working to keep public and private spaces and properties clean and habitable, for the benefit of all who use them”

“Cleaning and maintaining environments, and controlling pests” There’s more to cleaning and environmental health than most people realise—cleaning staff can

“Planting, felling and maintaining trees” The arboricultural industry manages trees for their benefits and values in diverse urban and rural

“Looking after the routine day-to-day care of domestic and/or wild animals” Animal care and welfare assistants work under guidance in

“Managing animals before and during the slaughtering process” From receiving animals in the strictly controlled handling (lairage) facility and through

Electrical power protection and plant commissioning engineer

An Electrical Power Protection and Plant Commissioning Engineer apprenticeship will give you detailed knowledge of electrical power systems and plant

If you fancy yourself as the next Jamie Oliver, Angela Hartnett or Dan Doherty, then the only real way to

The Bus and Coach Engineering and Maintenance apprenticeship deals with the maintenance and repair of buses and coaches, or passenger carrying

Within the automotive industry, control/technical support engineers primarily assist the smooth running of manufacturing activity in areas such as site

Within the automotive industry, electrical/electronic technical support engineers primarily support manufacturing in both assembly and in product design and development.

Manufacturing engineering apprenticeship

Within the automotive industry, manufacturing engineers primarily support the activities involved in bringing design programmes into manufacture. This role is