Working with people

A friendly greeting and a happy smile is sometimes all it takes to make someone’s day better.

Are you patient, understanding and a good listener? Can you solve problems and think on your feet?

You’ve got to be a certain type of individual to not only succeed at working with people but to truly enjoy it each and every day. Often, you’ll be someone that people look forward to seeing each day; the person to take care, provide help and offer advice to those that need it.

Whether you like the idea of directing a young person into their future career, giving someone a new hairstyle and new confidence, or sitting down with an elderly person, putting the kettle on (along with a smile on their face), there should be an apprenticeship here for you.

If you like to interact with people from all walks in life then why not consider a career in Beauty and wellbeing, Customer service and retail or Health and care.

Or browse through the list below for more inspiration.


Apprenticeships working with people

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Administrators handle the day-to-day tasks in an office and make sure things run smoothly – 97% of employers say that

Chartered legal executives provide legal services to internal and external clients. They make decisions on legal matters based on legal

Chartered Manager is the highest professional accreditation in the field of management and leadership, recognised across all industries and sectors.

Human resources (HR) covers a wide range of interconnected activities, but essentially it is about generating performance through people. HR

When businesses struggle to keep themselves afloat, are looking to find new revenues, need to respond to market challenges or

The Learning and Development apprenticeship is designed for those interested in the training/learning and development/work-based learning industry. Encouraged by Government

The Legal Services apprenticeship provides training and qualifications for new and existing staff working in a legal environment involved in

Licensed conveyancers are specialist property lawyers who deal with all legal matters relating to the transfer of ownership of land

Management and leadership skills have a major impact on the development, productivity and performance of organisations of all sizes and

An operations manager (or departmental manager) is someone who manages teams and/or projects, and achieves operational or departmental goals and

A paralegal is not a qualified lawyer but is qualified to perform legal work that requires knowledge of the law

Successful project delivery is at the heart of many businesses and organisations and the project management apprenticeship is a great

Effective recruitment ensures that organisations have the right people, in the right place, at the right time, and is crucial

Qualify as a solicitor through an apprenticeship and gain a professional legal qualification at degree level. Solicitors are people who

A team leader or supervisor is a first line management role, with operational and project responsibilities. You will learn how

The UK outdoors sector is vibrant, exciting and growing. It is particularly suited to those with a passion and enthusiasm

The Coaching apprenticeship is designed for those who wish to gain a broad but solid foundation to allow them to

The health and fitness industry is made up of private health clubs and gyms that are publicly run through local

Places with leisure and recreation facilities range from leisure and recreation centres to caravan and holiday parks. From swimming pools

Play is important in every child’s life, helping to develop valuable social skills that form the foundation of a healthy

Sports development aims to improve access to sport and physical activity for people of all ages and abilities, to develop

The Supporting Teaching and Learning in Physical Education and School Sport apprenticeship is for anyone who wants to work with children,

The Community Safety apprenticeship is designed to train people to advise communities on safety issues. The main focus is on minimising

Custodial care services play a crucial part in the day-to-day running of the Justice System. At Intermediate Level, apprentices support

Employment-related services describes the delivery of contracts or services that help people into employment, or support them to sustain an

Operational delivery officers have the vital job of keeping the country running, supporting the needs of the most vulnerable individuals

The work-based learning industry employs 30,000 people in England, as staff in personnel and training departments, and as tutors, assessors,

Supporting teaching and learning in schools apprenticeship

Learning support staff, such as teaching assistants, play a vital role in today’s classrooms by supporting pupils, parents and colleagues

The aim of witness care units is to provide a single point of contact for victims and witnesses, minimising the

The Cabin Crew apprenticeship is for anyone interested in becoming an air cabin crew member. Air cabin crew are the

The Hospitality apprenticeship covers a range of occupations within one of the largest industries in the country. Hospitality covers work

The Higher Apprenticeship in Hospitality Management has been developed to provide a career route into management, for those working within

Licensed hospitality apprenticeship

Pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, hotel and venue bars, they are all part of the licensed hospitality industry. It’s an industry that’s

The British are taking more and more holidays each year. While many book their own travel arrangements online, plenty of

The allied health profession support apprenticeship aims to provide the skills and knowledge required to become competent in supporting allied

The assistant practitioner apprenticeship provides the skills and knowledge required to become an assistant practitioner in a health setting. Assistant

The Care leadership and management apprenticeship is ideal for taking the next step in a career in adult social care

Children and young people’s workforce apprenticeship

The children and young people’s workforce apprenticeship is suitable if you are looking to join the Children and Young People’s

Clinical healthcare support apprenticeship

The Clinical healthcare support apprenticeship can be undertaken at Intermediate and Advanced levels and aims to provide the skills and

Dental nursing apprenticeship

The Dental Nursing apprenticeship is aimed at individuals who want to work as a dental nurse. A dental nurse provides

Dental laboratory assistants assist dental technicians with the design, manufacture, modification and repair of custom-made dental devices. As an apprentice

Dental practice manager apprenticeship

The manager of a dental practice is responsible for managing all non-clinical aspects within the practice to achieve excellent patient

Emergency care assistance apprenticeship

The Emergency care assistance apprenticeship aims to provide the skills and knowledge required to become a competent emergency care assistant

Health and social care apprenticeship

The Health and social care apprenticeship covers a wide range of job roles on two pathways: the Adult Social Care

The Healthcare support services apprenticeship aims to provide the skills and knowledge required to become competent in providing support services within

Learning Support practitioners work in a variety of roles providing opportunities to help people to learn, achieve and make progress

Maternity and paediatric support apprenticeship

The Maternity and paediatric support apprenticeship aims to provide the skills and knowledge required to become competent in supporting maternity

The Optical Retail apprenticeship supports individuals in the optical retail sector, as part of the wider healthcare team. Optical assistants

Pathology support apprenticeship

The pathology support apprenticeship aims to provide the skills and knowledge required to become competent in various roles – such

Perioperative support apprenticeship

Perioperative/theatre support workers work alongside health professionals such as surgeons, nurses and operating department practitioners to provide patient care within