Working with people

Are you patient, understanding and a good listener? Can you solve problems and think on your feet? Then you are probably perfect for working with people

Browse through the list below for some inspiration.

Working with people apprenticeships

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“A multi-skilled outside broadcasting engineer works on location to provide picture and sound coverage of a range of events” An

“This apprenticeship will train you in the creation and execution of a marketing plan for products or services” Marketing involves

“The live events and promotion apprenticeship focus on providing support or administration to live event teams” Live events and promotion

“A live event rigger installs infrastructure for the scenic, lighting, sound and audiovisual elements of a live event” A live

“A junior journalist creates news items using a combination of words, pictures and moving images” Journalists bring people the news

“Community arts involves helping to plan, promote and run local events for the benefit of the community” Community arts helps

“A broadcast engineer ensures the technical quality of picture, sound and data broadcasts” Playing a vital role in delivering technically

“An assistant visual effects technical director supports visual effects projects by providing technical assistance to creative departments, troubleshooting workflow issues,

“Licensed hospitality covers the running of pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, hotel and venue bars” The licensed hospitality apprenticeship is designed to

“A hospitality team member carries out a range of general and specialist roles within hospitality businesses, including bars, cafés, conference

“A hospitality supervisor supervises staff and activities within hospitality businesses, including bars, cafés, conference centres, restaurants and hotels” A hospitality

“Working across a variety of organisations, a hospitality manager focuses on ensuring excellent customer experience” A hospitality manager works across

“The hospitality management apprenticeship covers managing and supervising hospitality operations, from hotels to restaurants” The hospitality management apprenticeship was developed

“A retail supervisor manages teams and projects to meet a private, public or voluntary organisation’s goals” A retail supervisor is

“A retailer helps customers buy products or services from retail organisations such as department stores, garden centres, high street chains,

“A retail team leader guides and coordinates staff, their work and sales within a retail environment” A retail team leader

“A retail manager supervises staff, their work and sales within a retail environment” A retail manager is responsible for delivering

“The retail apprenticeship focuses on constructing and managing visual merchandising or selling products to customers in a retail environment” Retail

“Funeral operations and services focuses on helping families through difficult times, providing care, support and reassurance when it matters most”

“A customer service specialist provides direct customer support within all sectors and organisation types” The main purpose of a customer

“A customer service practitioner provides customer service products and services for businesses and other organisations, through face-to-face, telephone, digital and

“Customer service professionals assist customers by offering advice, answering questions or handling complaints” Good customer service is key to the

“A bakery manager makes and sells baked goods, such as bread, cakes, pies, pastries and biscuits” As a bakery manager,

“A military survival equipment fitter maintains military aircraft and personal survival equipment” The military survival equipment fitter will maintain aircraft

“An international freight forwarding specialist ensures that the company complies with all applicable customs, import and export laws and regulations”

“A food technologist makes sure food and drink products are of the right quality and safe to eat and drink”

“A food industry technical professional ensures the safety and quality of food and drink products” A food industry technical professional

“A food and drink process operator works on food and drink production lines within food manufacturing plants and businesses” A

“A trade supplier ensures an efficient flow of goods and services between manufacturers and their skilled trade customer base” As

“Trade business involves servicing and building relationships with local tradespeople to support them in the design, ordering, purchasing and delivery

“A surveying technician collects information from site inspections to inform advice given to clients on land, property or construction” The

“Facilities management practitioners deliver a variety of integrated facilities management operational services across multiple sites” Facilities management practitioners work in the

“A project controls technician analyses progress and performance data on engineering, manufacturing, construction and infrastructure projects” A project controls technician

“Mineral products technology involves supervisory or managerial responsibility for an aspect of a mineral extraction or processing operation” Mineral products

“A mineral processing weighbridge operator acts as the hub for the operational site, controlling vehicle movements, contractors, authorised personnel and

“A facilities manager makes sure that buildings and their services meet the needs of the people that work in them”

“A facilities management supervisor manages the working environment for an organisation’s employees and services within industrial and commercial buildings” At

  “Civil engineering site management involves organising the work on building projects, making sure that the work is completed safely,

“Building services engineering site management involves leading the installation of complex environmental systems in construction projects” Building services are environmental

“Youth work involves delivering youth and community support work in local and area projects” Youth work is about providing young

“The senior healthcare support worker provides high-quality and compassionate specialist health and social care for a range of people” A

“A rehabilitation worker delivers and evaluates professional person-centred rehabilitation training to visually impaired people” Working within the statutory, voluntary and

“A podiatrist is a healthcare professional specialising in the lower limb (feet, ankles and legs), providing high-quality clinical care to

“A paramedic provides high quality and compassionate care, responding to the needs of service users and carers across lifespans” A

“An optical assistant listens to customers’ individual needs and finds a solution that’s right for them” An optical assistant requires

“An operating department practitioner works alongside other professionals taking a lead role in ensuring a patient is safe during each

“A nursing associate delivers high quality, compassionate care under the direction of a registered nurse” The nursing associate is a

“A nurse gives care, advice and support to sick, injured or disabled people” A career in nursing is dynamic and

“Operating specialised mammography equipment safely and within standard operating procedures to produce high-quality images” Mammography utilises x-ray imaging to screen

“A lead adult care worker looks after vulnerable adults within their own homes, day care centres, residential and nursing homes