Apprenticeships working outdoors

Do you enjoy the idea of working outdoors? Would you rather feel the sun (or wind, or rain) on your face than sit facing a computer screen all day? There are lots of apprenticeship roles that will enable you to do this.

Jobs within the Agricultural & land-based industries, Construction and Sport & fitness sectors may be of particular interest to you, but there may be other areas that you haven’t considered yet. The Apprenticeship Guide has hundreds of apprenticeship frameworks to suit everybody. We hope you find the apprenticeship for you?

Take a look at the list below to find something that might suit you.


Apprenticeships working outdoors

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Nuclear health physics monitor apprenticeship

Nuclear health physics monitors provide radiological monitoring services at the workface within the nuclear industry to protect people, plant and

Gas network craftsperson

The main role of a gas network craftsperson is to safely build, maintain and repair components of the UK’s gas

Gas network team leader

The main role of a gas network distribution team leader is to safely build, maintain and repair the UK’s gas

Chartered surveyors measure, value, protect and enhance the world’s greatest physical assets, from city skyscrapers to sports stadiums, forests to

The UK outdoors sector is vibrant, exciting and growing. It is particularly suited to those with a passion and enthusiasm

Event stewards, marshals and ground safety officers are responsible for ensuring the health, safety and security of spectators attending large-scale

This dedicated Advanced Level apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence has been designed to meet the needs of young and talented athletes

The Cleaning and Environmental Services apprenticeship has two pathways: Cleaning, covering many aspects of professional cleaning, and Local Environmental Services,

HM Forces continually recruit young people from all walks of life who are interested in securing a career within the

Security officers are generally responsible for protecting people and property from injury, loss or damage caused through theft, vandalism, fire

Tugs assist with the movement of larger ships in and out of port so that they may safely dock and

For anybody who wants to work on vessels operating on inland waterways and limited distances to sea, the Boatmaster apprenticeship

Marinas and boatyards are busy places where boats have to be moved, moored and lifted for maintenance safely and following

Merchant Navy (deck or engineering)

The Advanced Level Merchant Navy (deck or engineering) apprenticeship is an excellent progression pathway if you are already working in

Seafishing apprenticeship

The Seafishing apprenticeship pathway is an excellent way into the industry for anybody who wants to work on fishing vessels. You

Specialist workboats are used for a whole host of activities that support the marine industry. They operate as landing craft,

Removals operatives move office and other furniture and goods to new premises or into storage. Their work may include European

The apprenticeship in Explosives provides a structured programme of learning and practical experience with an emphasis on explosives safety. Apprentices

Extractives and mineral processing apprenticeship

We all depend on the Earth’s mineral resources. From toothpaste to bricks, many essential everyday products are made from natural

Glass industry occupations apprenticeship

Glass takes many more forms than just windows. It can be stretched into threads for broadband cables, strengthened to stop

The Mail and package distribution apprenticeship deals with the collection, processing and delivery of mail. Mail services accounts for roughly

Mineral products technology apprenticeship

Mineral products are extracted from the ground and used in their natural form or can be processed into bricks, concrete

The Engineering Construction apprenticeship covers a range of roles in engineering construction, reflecting the many career pathways that require specialist skills.

The engineering manufacturing, building services engineering, and construction sectors need a skilled workforce of technicians and engineers to help improve

The Gas Industry apprenticeships cover a range of job roles in the gas industry, which itself consists of two distinct

A well-trained and highly skilled workforce of over 24,000 people is employed in the operation and decommissioning of the UK’s

The power sector covers activities associated with the generation, national transmission and local distribution of electricity, up to, and including,

The main role of a power network craftsperson is to safely construct, maintain and repair the UK’s electrical power network

The Power Sector apprenticeship focuses on the installation and maintenance of plant and equipment associated with electricity distribution, transmission and

Sustainable resource management apprenticeship

The waste-management and recycling industry is developing rapidly as populations grow and governments and businesses look for alternatives to landfill

Water industry apprenticeship

The Water Industry apprenticeship covers a range of occupations within the water industry. Every day, the UK water industry collects,

Water process technicians perform reactive and routine tasks on equipment and processes to ensure safe and efficient operations, supporting other

The Construction industry relies on a number of specialist skills and occupations, and apprenticeships are tailored for specific areas of

For many years the construction industry has had a traditional apprenticeship programme covering the craft occupations in a range of

The Higher Apprenticeship in Construction Management has been developed to provide career progression and professional development opportunities for higher technicians,

Civil engineering deals with the design and construction of buildings, bridges, pipelines, railways, water supply networks, roads and other crucial

Chartered surveyors measure, value, protect and enhance the world’s greatest physical assets, from city skyscrapers to sports stadiums, forests to

Surveying covers every aspect of land, property and construction, and a Surveying Technician apprenticeship offers a wide variety of career

An apprenticeship in Agriculture offers a huge range of opportunities for working on livestock or arable farms. Agriculture includes the

The Agriculture Higher Apprenticeship provides the skills, knowledge and competence required to become a unit or assistant farm manager. The

An apprenticeship in Animal Care is perfect for anyone wishing to work with animals. Many consider work in the animal

If you have a genuine interest in working with animals and their welfare, as well as an interest in scientific

An apprenticeship in Environmental Conservation covers roles that deal with the protection of rural and urban landscapes, plants and animals,

The Equine apprenticeship is suitable for anyone looking to work with horses. The equine industry is one of the most

The Fencing apprenticeship deals with the construction and repair of fences. Fences can be simple or incredibly hi-tech, serving a

This Advanced Level Farriery apprenticeship is the only route in Great Britain to become qualified as a registered farrier. Farriery,

The Fish Husbandry and Fisheries Management apprenticeship deals with the day-to-day care of fish in a wide range of habitats and

Golf greenkeepers are responsible for the maintenance, care and overall appearance of a golf course. It is their job to

Game and wildlife management is about looking after areas managed for shooting, actively managing wildlife habitats and making sure that

The Horticulture apprenticeship covers both amenity and production horticulture, which in turn covers a vast range of horticulture occupations, and