Travel and transport apprenticeships

Fancy working in the travel industry, the retail motor sector, or passenger transport?

There are lots of potential jobs out there to suit you.

Do you enjoy living life on the move? Do you find yourself organising holidays or day-trips with friends, or searching out the best deals? Do you even secretly enjoy a good, long bus or train journey through towns or across the UK? If so, then an aprenticeship within either the Hospitality and travel or Vehicles and transport sector might be right for you.

Millions of commuters and travellers are planning their routes every day. Whether they are visiting a family member in a neighbouring town, or booking a flight for a business trip abroad, you could be just who they’re looking for. And who knows, if you land the right apprenticeship, staff discounts on travel or travelling as part of your job may just be one added bonus of a career in these sectors.

If you’re still not sure then take a look at the suggestions below for an apprenticeship that will keep you moving in the right direction.

Travel and transport apprenticeships

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Reliable transport keeps people, goods, services and the economy running smoothly. Across the Automotive Retail Sector, managers are needed to

The Aviation Operations on the Ground apprenticeship covers some of the main jobs involved in supporting the ‘taking off and

The Bus and Coach Engineering and Maintenance apprenticeship deals with the maintenance and repair of buses and coaches, or passenger carrying

The Driving goods vehicles apprenticeship contains four pathways at Intermediate Level and is for anyone interested in riding bikes as

Within the automotive industry, mechatronics maintenance technicians ensure that plant and equipment perform to the required standard to facilitate production

On a Multi-skilled Vehicle Collision Repair apprenticeship you will train as an auto repair technician in the collision repair industry,

The automotive industry is always looking ahead to the future and product designers and engineers work together to determine the

The PCV Driving apprenticeship is about driving passenger-carrying vehicles (PCVs) such as buses and coaches. Across the country, from the

Railway engineering design technicians provide technical support to the engineers who design infrastructure and systems for railways. The engineering disciplines

There are over 10,000 miles of railway track in the UK, connecting more than 2,000 stations. It’s the oldest railway

The definition of overhead line construction is the construction of wires, suspended over the railway line, to supply electricity to

The Rail Services apprenticeship covers the many occupations that help to deliver rail services to the millions of passengers that

The Vehicle body and paint operations apprenticeship is about patching up damaged vehicles. From a scratched door to a dented

The Vehicle Fitting apprenticeship deals with fast-fit operations in the motor vehicle industry. Motor vehicle fitters, or fast-fit technicians, repair

Vehicle maintenance and repair apprenticeships deals with the repair and maintenance of all types of vehicles, from mopeds to lorries.

The Vehicle Parts Operations apprenticeship covers the sale of motor parts for all kinds of vehicles. Vehicle parts operatives (or

The Vehicle sales apprenticeship prepares you for the many activities that go on in a car sales showroom. It takes

Tugs assist with the movement of larger ships in and out of port so that they may safely dock and

For anybody who wants to work on vessels operating on inland waterways and limited distances to sea, the Boatmaster apprenticeship

Merchant Navy (deck or engineering)

The Advanced Level Merchant Navy (deck or engineering) apprenticeship is an excellent progression pathway if you are already working in

Port operations covers the work that goes on in sea, river and inland waterway ports, harbours, quays, terminals, wharves, jetties,

Seafishing apprenticeship

The Seafishing apprenticeship pathway is an excellent way into the industry for anybody who wants to work on fishing vessels. You

Specialist workboats are used for a whole host of activities that support the marine industry. They operate as landing craft,

Removals operatives move office and other furniture and goods to new premises or into storage. Their work may include European

Express logistics apprenticeship

Express Logistics is the rapid, guaranteed delivery of goods and packages to businesses and consumers. It is one of the

The Cabin Crew apprenticeship is for anyone interested in becoming an air cabin crew member. Air cabin crew are the

The Higher Apprenticeship for Professional Aviation Pilots has been designed to provide the aviation sector with a new route into