Ceramics manufacturing apprenticeship

From cereal bowls to hair straighteners, tiles to toilets, washbasins to water filters, ceramic material is found in many items in your home.

It is also found in cars, and used in moulds for manufacturing rubber gloves and balloons, and so on. The ceramics industry is a crucial part of the supply chain to construction.

Your coffee mug began its life as clay in the ground. The clay was extracted and processed, moulded into shape, glazed and decorated and heated to high temperatures to change its properties. Ceramic manufacturing is about chemistry as well as creativity. The industry is constantly evolving as a result of advances in technology to make ceramic material that is stronger and hardier, to reduce energy costs and to move towards environmental sustainability.

On a Ceramics Manufacturing apprenticeship your work will vary greatly according to your employer’s business. You will learn about different ceramic manufacturing processes and quality assurance. You’ll also gain valuable customer care skills so you know how to meet a customer’s needs. Some processes are automated and are controlled and monitored by sophisticated technology systems, others require very traditional hand craft skills. Many jobs require manual skills, lifting and handling heavy equipment (although many factories do have lifting devices) and you may need to spend long periods standing, so physical fitness is important. Where hand crafting is used, you will require creativity, an artistic flair, patience and good attention to detail. If you have an interest and skill in art and design you could use this apprenticeship as a route to becoming skilled in ceramics job roles in product design and decoration. You may be required to work in a factory-based environment and overtime, shift work and weekend working may be required by some employers.

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Intermediate (Level 2)

Starting salary (once qualified):


Job roles:

Slip operative, Pressure caster, Kiln placer, Hand sponger, Mould maker, Robot operator, Gloss inspector, Model maker

Issuing Authority:

Proskills UK Ltd – www.proskills.co.uk

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