Campaigning apprenticeship

Campaigning apprenticeship

The Campaigning apprenticeship will develop your skills in key areas of campaigning, including which issues to campaign on, strategies, communications, research and workplans.

From child protection to the environment and climate change to human rights, campaigning is about trying to change things. Campaigners help people to speak out or to raise awareness of issues by influencing governments, companies or the general public. All sorts of employers have campaigners working for them including charities, pressure groups and other organisations campaigning for change.

Campaign tactics can be as varied as organising a public meeting, signing a petition, writing to the press, contacting a local councillor, using social media (such as Twitter or Facebook), or boycotting a product. In most cases a campaign will use a combination of these activities. Some campaigns are very high profile and may involve national media and celebrity supporters; others will be smaller and work to make change happen locally. Campaigning is a very varied role and you need a lot of different skills to be an effective campaigner.

The Advanced Level apprenticeship in Campaigning will develop your skills in the key areas of campaigning, including prioritising issues on which to campaign; understanding campaign strategies; developing campaign communications; conducting campaign research; developing campaign workplans; and monitoring and evaluating campaigns. Upon completion you could work for a charity or community organisation; or even a political or corporate lobby group which works to change things in society.


Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary:

(once qualified): £16,000–£22,000

Job roles:

Campaigns officer or coordinator, Campaigns and public affairs officer or coordinator, Advocacy officer

Issuing authority

Skills Effect –

Skills CFA –

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