Cabin crew apprenticeship

Cabin crew apprenticeship

The Cabin Crew apprenticeship is for anyone interested in becoming an air cabin crew member. Air cabin crew are the people who make sure passengers are safe and comfortable for the duration of their flight.

This involves a lot more than just handing out refreshments with a smile – providing customer service in the narrow spaces of an aeroplane takes finesse and skill. Importantly, air cabin crew members must also be trained to deal with a wide range of security and emergency situations.

On this apprenticeship, you’ll learn how to prepare the inside of the aircraft for a flight by checking supplies and making sure the right safety equipment is in place. You’ll greet customers onboard, help passengers find their seat and run through safety procedures.

Customer service is a big part of the job, whether you’re serving meals or helping people fill out their customs forms. You might also learn about specific things like immigration regulations, cultural awareness and how to complete flight reports and other paperwork.

As an apprentice, you’ll always be on the go – don’t expect a 9 to 5 schedule. Depending on your flight route, you could work long shifts and unsocial hours. However, you’ll have the opportunity to see parts of the world.


Intermediate (Level 2)

Starting salary (once qualified):


Job roles:

Air cabin crew member, Flight attendant

Issuing Authority:

People 1st –