Business administration apprenticeship

Business administration apprenticeship

Administrators handle the day-to-day tasks in an office and make sure things run smoothly – 97% of employers say that effective administration is essential to their business, so they do a crucial job.

The term ‘administration’ covers roles that involve organising people and resources, including executive assistants, secretaries, office supervisors, administration assistants, data entry clerks and office juniors. Without them, information would be hard to find, meetings would be missed and businesses would be less productive.

As an Intermediate or Advanced business administration apprentice, your exact duties will depend on your employer. It’s likely that you’ll be working with a team or member of staff to handle various tasks. You may be typing up board meeting documents, putting financial information together in spreadsheets, sending the daily post, negotiating with customers, managing projects or coordinating events. This sort of work requires a strong sense of responsibility, accuracy and attention to detail.

On the Higher Apprenticeship in Business and Professional Administration, your duties are likely to include: communicating with colleagues and stakeholders; planning and organising events; reporting data; preparing contract specifications; and monitoring and evaluating contracts.

One of the great things about business and administration is that you can work almost anywhere. With your transferable skills, you could be working in a record company or a charity. Administration roles are also an excellent starting point to move into management once you have more experience.


Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3), Higher (Level 4)

Starting salary (once qualified):


Job roles:

Intermediate Level – Administrator, Business support officer, Office junior, Receptionist

Advanced Level – Administration officer/executive, Administrative team leader, Office supervisor, Personal assistant, Secretary

Higher LEVEL – Office manager, Administration team leader, Personal assistant, Business development executive

Issuing Authority:

Skills CFA –