Building services engineering and project management apprenticeship

Building services engineering and project management apprenticeship

The Building Services Engineering and Project Management apprenticeship covers a wide range of skills and occupations within the building services engineering sector.

There are two pathways (technician and design technician) into this Advanced Level apprenticeship.

The lighting, heating, air that we breathe and the water and waste systems in the buildings we use must work in harmony with each other. The technician will take responsibility for the efficiency of the building by project managing improvements and updates, as well as reacting to the changing requirements of the building users.

You will learn to design and oversee the installation and maintenance, assembly, fitting, testing and de-commissioning of the complete building services engineering systems. You may be responsible for the energy efficiency of the building you work in and be expected to make recommendations to the building owner about how to improve this.

As a building services engineering technician you could find yourself working in your own office interpreting building plans or managing contractors and the facilities team in places like airports, shopping centres and football stadiums. This may include shift work and working unsociable hours. While some of this role requires you to work with your hands, you will also need to be able to plan ahead and update official paperwork.

As a building services engineering design technician you will carry out design work including production of manual and CAD (computer-aided design) drawings, and provide estimates, schedules and data to meet a specification. The role may involve work on new buildings or refurbishment of lighting, heating, ventilation and control systems in a variety of premises.

The building services engineering sector takes its responsibility to the environment seriously so you’ll learn to work with this in mind, and health and safety is also of key importance.


Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary (once qualified):


Job roles:

Building services engineering technician, Building services engineering design technician

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