Barbering apprenticeship

Barbering apprenticeship

The Barbering apprenticeship is for those interested in cutting and styling the hair of men and boys (those who also want to work on female hair should investigate the Hairdressing apprenticeship).

Barbering is an expanding industry: with more emphasis being put on male grooming, and men putting almost as much effort into their appearances as women these days, the demand for skilled barbers to cut and style hair is on the rise. Most barbers are based in barber shops or hairdressing salons, although some can work in hospitals, resorts and even cruise liners.

As an apprentice, you’ll learn a range of tasks such as how to give client consultations, cut hair, trim and shape facial hair and dry and finish men’s hair. You might also learn how to colour hair or cut basic patterns in hair.

As a senior barber or senior hair professional, you can take your learning a step further by developing your cutting and colouring skills so you can carry out all the latest fashion techniques – and maybe even determine the fashion looks of the future!

You’ll be on your feet and working to please all sorts of customers, so a friendly nature and good sense of humour will come in handy. Your own appearance will also be important, since customers will want to know that creating a good impression matters to you.



Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3)

Starting salary:

£10,000–£16,000 depending on experience. A barber’s income will be above the minimum wage, and some specialist technicians will earn a high income depending on their area of expertise.

Job roles:

Junior barber, Hair professional, Barber, Senior barber, Stylist, Hairdresser

Issuing Authority:

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