Apprentice prepares for career in early years childcare

Ashley Morton completed a level 2 Children & Young People’s Workforce apprenticeship and now juggles the demands of motherhood alongside completing her level 3 qualification

Ashley Morton (pictured, right) jumped at the chance to undertake an apprenticeship delivered by leading apprenticeship provider Babcock at Buckets and Spades day nursery in Scarborough and demonstrates how an apprenticeship can prepare you for a career in early years childcare.

Ashley was passionate about a career in childcare, having young family members and enjoying seeing them learn and develop.

She completed a level 2 Certificate in Children & Young People’s Workforce, had a baby, and is now continuing with her level 3 qualification.

Reflecting on her achievements, Ashley says: “The level 2 was challenging but enjoyable, with lots of evaluation and reflection on best practice, planning educational play activities so that children can become happy, enthusiastic and confident learners.

“During the course I found out I was having a baby but I carried on, supported by one-to-one teaching and assessment sessions.

“Level 3 is demanding but I love learning on the job and have learnt many things, such as how children develop at different ages and how challenging different children can be. Sometimes it can be hard work trying to find time to do the work set by my assessor with a young baby to care for but I know it will be worthwhile.

“My plans for the future are to finish my level 3 and to further my career in the childcare business.”

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