Assistant practitioner apprenticeship

Assistant practitioner apprenticeship

The assistant practitioner apprenticeship provides the skills and knowledge required to become an assistant practitioner in a health setting.

Assistant practitioners competently deliver healthcare to and for people. They have a level of knowledge and skill beyond that of traditional healthcare assistants or support workers. Some of the functions undertaken by assistant practitioners were previously only carried out by health professionals such as nurses, physiotherapists, radiographers, podiatrists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists. While these functions are now carried out by assistant practitioners they are still delegated by the health professionals.

Assistant practitioners can work in a single health profession (e.g. nursing, physiotherapy or speech and language therapy) or work across a number of different disciplines. Roles exist in a wide range of areas, including long-term conditions, staying healthy, end of life care, maternity and newborn, acute care, planned care, mental health, and children and families.

As an apprentice you will work alongside health professionals providing patient care in a range of settings that could include clinics, people’s homes or hospitals. You will gain the new skills and learning you need to carry out your job and to prepare you for future employment as an assistant practitioner and your career progression within the health sector. The precise activities you carry out will be outlined in your apprenticeship agreement and job description.

This work-based programme was designed and developed with employers and includes foundation degrees and vocational qualifications at level 5. You will need to show that you can meet the academic requirements for the programme of study. Employers will also expect you to have had experience of working within a healthcare setting. The duration of this apprenticeship is 2 years.


Higher (Level 5)

Salary once qualified:


Job role:

Assistant practitioner

Issuing Authority:

Skills for Health –


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