Looking to develop your skills? Travel the world? Make new friends? Whoever you are and whatever you want to do, an Army apprenticeship can help you get there

The Army has one of the largest nationally recognised apprenticeship programmes in the UK. As a Top 100 Apprentice Employer, we have 18,000 new soldiers learning with us and over 8,000 apprentices passing their training each year.

On the programme, you’ll get to work for an employer while learning key skills in one of over 40 different roles. 98 per cent of our recruits finish the programme with valuable qualifications they can build on in the future, whether that’s during or after their career in the military. But as well as the world-class training, you’ll get to meet some great people, try out adventurous training and have the chance to explore the world.

With these unique opportunities, it really is an apprenticeship like no other. It’s a way to challenge yourself, to prepare for the future and to make your family proud. But most of all, it’s a chance to become a better you.

Rewards and benefits

Did you know that a trained soldier starts on £18,305 per year? That’s £352 a week. Even as a new recruit, you will earn around £14,637 a year while you train. In some trades there’s also a lump sum for finishing training. Once you’re a fully fledged soldier, your pay will go up every year, depending on your job and rank.

What’s more, health and dental care are free; you get a pension (which the Army pays for you); and help towards the cost of your food and housing. The Army even pays for you to take qualifications, including degree-level courses. You get 38 days of holiday per year and a job that could take you anywhere from Cyprus to Canada. At the same time, you’ll get Army fit and the chance to try all kinds of sports and adventure activities.

Apprenticeship levels

We’ll plan your apprenticeship to make sure it helps you get the very best out of the programme. It will involve military training, as well as the training related to your job role. This means that as well as becoming a better soldier, you’ll be working towards a valuable qualification that will be useful for finding work in the future, whether you decide to stay in the Army or not.

There are three apprenticeship levels:


Military trade training forms the main part of this level. You’ll complete a range of key skills qualifications (including literacy and numeracy), and get a technical certificate. By the end of the apprenticeship, you’ll be a skilled Army tradesman, and be rewarded with an NVQ Level 2 – that’s equivalent to five good GCSE passes.


These apprenticeships apply to the Army’s technical trades. You’ll gain key skills and technical certificates through trade training, as well as an NVQ Level 3 (equivalent to two A-level passes). To qualify for an advanced apprenticeship, you’ll need to pass your Level 2 Army apprenticeship, or have five GCSEs at grade C or above.


At the highest level you’ll work in vital real-time operations, countering real threats to national security to earn a Level 4 Diploma in Intelligence Operations. To apply, you’ll need to go to a selection course run by the Intelligence Corps and undertake Developed Vetting. Every job in the Army offers the opportunity to progress to gain professional skills leading to higher qualifications, including full bachelor’s and master’s degrees.


Take a closer look at just some of the things you can experience as an Army Apprentice. Many of our apprenticeship programmes offer opportunities to complete courses in leadership alongside your regular training, giving you the skills you need to inspire, involve and motivate others. Depending on which apprenticeship role you choose, you’ll have the chance to gain NVQs, City and Guilds Awards and Postgraduate Certificates.


Train as a technology and communications apprentice and you’ll play a direct role in powering every part of the Army. Whether you fancy becoming a skilled expert working with ammunition, explosives, electronics or IT systems, you’ll keep us all moving – meaning you’ll be playing an important part in our ongoing progress too.


Teaching apprentices how to develop new military technology and maintain our aircraft, vehicles and weaponry is vital to our success, both now and in the future. So, whether you learn how to be an aircraft technician, communications electrician or vehicle mechanic, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make a big contribution.


The health of our troops is really important, so we need to equip apprentices with the right skills and knowledge to make sure our soldiers get the treatment they need. That’s why we offer a range of apprenticeships including primary healthcare and emergency care, giving you the chance to become a trained expert and make a real difference by providing an essential service to the Army.


Carpentry, metalwork, plumbing and construction are just some of the trades we need apprentices to become trained in. Whether you’re helping to build new Army bases as part of the Royal Engineers, or looking after the electrics on Army vehicles, becoming a skilled tradesman will mean you’ll play an important part in our continued development.


As we employ such a huge number of people, it’s important that we recruit apprentices who can provide strong networks to support them. This support can cover anything from internal communications and teaching, to security and law—so however you assist us, you’ll help us make sure that everyone in the Army feels secure in their role.


Delivering troops and supplies to locations around the world is a big part of what we do, and we need to train apprentices to help us be prepared for any situation. From driving large and small vehicles, to flying aircraft and working on ships, you’ll get to travel far and wide to make sure we’ve got everything we need in the places it’s needed.

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