Food technology

Do you enjoy entering a room and being overwhelmed by the mouth-watering scent of well-cooked food? This could be a reality for you, should you wish to explore cooking as a vocation

Check out the apprenticeships listed below for opportunities to put your cooking skills to the test.

Food technology apprenticeships

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“Supporting the bird development process, maintaining bird accommodation and preparing and monitoring the livestock production environment, whether this is on

“Raising animals with optimal welfare and consideration for their needs throughout the different stages of life” As a poultry technician,

“Optimising crop/plant yields, while maintaining and improving the surrounding environment” As a crop technician, you’ll be responsible for optimising crop

“Managing animals before and during the slaughtering process” From receiving animals in the strictly controlled handling (lairage) facility and through

If you fancy yourself as the next Jamie Oliver, Angela Hartnett or Dan Doherty, then the only real way to

Food and drink apprenticeship

Getting food on the shelves depends on a range of different people doing various jobs within the food and drink

The food and drink industry is an exciting place to be a maintenance engineer. World-class companies in the industry use

The Cabin Crew apprenticeship is for anyone interested in becoming an air cabin crew member. Air cabin crew are the

The Catering and Professional Chefs apprenticeship covers a range of occupations within one of the largest industries in the country.

The Hospitality apprenticeship covers a range of occupations within one of the largest industries in the country. Hospitality covers work

The Higher Apprenticeship in Hospitality Management has been developed to provide a career route into management, for those working within

Licensed hospitality apprenticeship

Pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, hotel and venue bars, they are all part of the licensed hospitality industry. It’s an industry that’s

The British are taking more and more holidays each year. While many book their own travel arrangements online, plenty of

The Barbering apprenticeship is for those interested in cutting and styling the hair of men and boys (those who also

A Beauty Therapy apprenticeship is about improving people’s wellbeing by making them look and feel better. Beauty therapy covers a

Hairdressing is a vibrant, fast-paced industry and provides a range of services to make clients look and feel better. On

The Nail Services apprenticeship covers a range of creative skills used in nail services, such as manicures and pedicures, applying

“Covering both arable and livestock enterprises, with a view to progressing within the agriculture sector” The agriculture intermediate and advanced

“Managing a unit within a farm or the farm itself, ensuring that it is profitable and efficient” This higher apprenticeship

“Managing both upland and lowland areas for the benefit of game, including reared and wild” The game and wildlife industry