Engineering apprenticeships

Whether you like working on something solid or something microscopic, on an indoor project or an outdoor project, engineering will offer you a good foundation to progress in whichever vocation you choose

Check out the apprenticeships listed below for opportunities to put your engineering skills to the test.

Engineering apprenticeships

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“A broadcast engineer ensures the technical quality of picture, sound and data broadcasts” Playing a vital role in delivering technically

“A military survival equipment fitter maintains military aircraft and personal survival equipment” The military survival equipment fitter will maintain aircraft

“A product design and development engineer uses engineering techniques to bring new products to life or redesign existing products” A

“A process automation engineer is involved at all stages in the lifecycle of an integrated control and safety system” The

“Designing and making high-quality jewellery” The jewellery manufacturing, silversmithing and allied trades apprenticeship matches a number of interests, including engineering,

“Working in glass manufacture, repair or installation, across a variety of sectors” The glass industry is highly technical yet all

“A food and drink maintenance engineer maintains machinery and equipment in the food and drinks industry, finding and resolving faults,

“A food and drink advanced engineer delivers efficient, effective and high performance food and drink production processes and systems” Combining

“A project controls technician analyses progress and performance data on engineering, manufacturing, construction and infrastructure projects” A project controls technician

“A digital engineering technician completes complex tasks using digital engineering techniques such as virtualisation and simulation of design, construction and

“A civil engineering technician provides technical support to engineers and other construction professionals” A civil engineering technician provides technical support

  “Civil engineering site management involves organising the work on building projects, making sure that the work is completed safely,

“A civil engineer provides technical and management input to develop design solutions for complex civil engineering problems” As a civil

“A chartered surveyor provides professional advice and recommendations to clients on land, property or construction” As a chartered surveyor advising

“A building services engineering ventilation hygiene technician cleans and decontaminates ventilation systems to ensure compliance with industry standards” Ventilation hygiene

“Building services engineering site management involves leading the installation of complex environmental systems in construction projects” Building services are environmental

“A building services engineering service and maintenance engineer plans and completes a range of maintenance work such as ventilating, heating,

“A building services engineering installer installs large-scale environmental system components for heating and cooling industrial and commercial buildings” A building

“A building services engineering craftsperson designs, installs and services engineering systems used to heat large buildings such as factories and

“A building services design engineer carries out the technical and commercial management of projects that provide engineering design solutions to maintain

“Advanced carpentry and joinery involves using timber products to create and install building components—responsible for managing their ownand other people’s

“A unified communications technician sets up and maintains communications systems under supervision, and installs communication hardware and software” A unified

“A network engineer designs, installs, maintains and supports communication networks within an organisation or between organisations” The primary role of

“A science industry process/plant engineer apprentice is involved in process design and manufacture of chemical-, biological- or science-based technology, industrial

“Providing advanced technical support and guidance across a diverse range of plant and equipment in sectors such as agriculture, horticulture,

“Planning and maintaining large gardens, parks and other green spaces” Horticulture and landscape operatives are employed to work in public

“Preservation, restoration, re-manufacture, service and repair of historic engineering achievements” Heritage engineering technicians work on heritage artefacts that are unique

“Planting, felling and maintaining trees” The arboricultural industry manages trees for their benefits and values in diverse urban and rural

Through the junior energy manager apprenticeship, you’ll help your company to reduce the cost of energy consumption, while ensuring the

The gas network craftsperson apprenticeship will teach you to safely build, maintain and repair components of the UK’s gas network

Gas network team leader

The main role of a gas network distribution team leader is to safely build, maintain and repair the UK’s gas

Electrical power protection and plant commissioning engineer

An Electrical Power Protection and Plant Commissioning Engineer apprenticeship will give you detailed knowledge of electrical power systems and plant

An outside broadcast engineer works on location to provide picture and sound coverage of an event. Typically this work can

Before any new car model is launched, a long period of creating the right design takes place. The process of

The Bus and Coach Engineering and Maintenance apprenticeship deals with the maintenance and repair of buses and coaches, or passenger carrying

Within the automotive industry, control/technical support engineers primarily assist the smooth running of manufacturing activity in areas such as site

Within the automotive industry, electrical/electronic technical support engineers primarily support manufacturing in both assembly and in product design and development.

Manufacturing engineering apprenticeship

Within the automotive industry, manufacturing engineers primarily support the activities involved in bringing design programmes into manufacture. This role is

Within the automotive industry, mechatronics maintenance technicians ensure that plant and equipment perform to the required standard to facilitate production

On a Multi-skilled Vehicle Collision Repair apprenticeship you will train as an auto repair technician in the collision repair industry,

The automotive industry is always looking ahead to the future and product designers and engineers work together to determine the

The automotive industry is always looking ahead to the future and product designers and engineers work together to determine the

Railway engineering design technicians provide technical support to the engineers who design infrastructure and systems for railways. The engineering disciplines

There are over 10,000 miles of railway track in the UK, connecting more than 2,000 stations. It’s the oldest railway

The definition of overhead line construction is the construction of wires, suspended over the railway line, to supply electricity to

The Rail Services apprenticeship covers the many occupations that help to deliver rail services to the millions of passengers that

The rail industry is a vibrant and growing means of public and freight transport. It provides a service to customers

The Vehicle Fitting apprenticeship deals with fast-fit operations in the motor vehicle industry. Motor vehicle fitters, or fast-fit technicians, repair

Vehicle maintenance and repair apprenticeships deals with the repair and maintenance of all types of vehicles, from mopeds to lorries.

The Vehicle Parts Operations apprenticeship covers the sale of motor parts for all kinds of vehicles. Vehicle parts operatives (or