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Art and design

If you're creative, you'll relish the opportunity to find an apprenticeship that lets you express yourself

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Business studies

Businesses are everywhere. From buying smart shoes for interviews to going for a meal with friends, businesses are there to offer their products and services. And, of course, every business needs staff to ensure the smooth running of things

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Whether you like working on something solid or something microscopic, on an indoor project or an outdoor project, engineering will offer you a good foundation to progress in whichever vocation you choose

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A good grasp of the English language, literacy and communication can go a long way in any career

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Food technology

Do you enjoy entering a room and being overwhelmed by the mouth-watering scent of well-cooked food? This could be a reality for you, should you wish to explore cooking as a vocation

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Geography is very sensitive to the condition of the Earth, how it functions, how plants grow, why volcanoes erupt, and in what ways our climate is changing

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Using history as a basis for choosing an apprenticeship can lead to some exciting and unique career opportunities

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From creating presentations to managing email marketing campaigns, ICT teaches skills that are fundamental to the ways in which many businesses operate

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A love of language often goes hand in hand with an interest in people and their needs, and in different cultures and beliefs

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Many employers value apprentices who are good with numbers, and accurate in their calculations. All activities, from balancing accounts to ensuring a structure is sound in its construction, require a good brain for maths

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Music and drama

Most individuals with a keen interest in music and drama are great entertainers and brilliant social creatures

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If you love PE, and would like to find a career that keeps you active, have a look at the apprenticeships listed here

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People who enjoy science tend to have an enquiring mind and like finding out about how the world works

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