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Hair, beauty and nails therapy are diverse professions that can take you virtually anywhere and you could find yourself working in some unusual locations besides a high street salon. Many hairdressers and beauty therapists operate as self-employed freelancers, running their own businesses and visiting clients in their own homes; others find themselves working in spas, health farms, holiday resorts, film and TV sets and even the theatre. Some airlines offer in-flight hair and beauty treatments and most cruise liners will have a hair and beauty salon on board.

Hairdressing services are also required in prisons and on military bases, and both hairdressers and beauty therapists are required in hospitals and care homes to work with people who may be very ill, especially those who are losing their hair through cancer treatment or who need make-up to cover scars, burns and other injuries. Many people go on to work in sales, marketing, public relations and photography, while others choose to concentrate on the business aspects of running a salon rather than performing treatments.

The apprenticeships in this sector offer routes into barbering, hairdressing, beauty therapy and nail services. Alternative routes exist for cutting the hair of men and women, while all of the apprenticeships offer different levels of technical training to suit general and more specialist professionals.

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