Deliver banking, investment, insurance, pensions and more

Financial services are about much more than simply money management. They deliver the bank accounts that protect our personal finances, the loans that we obtain to set up businesses, the mortgages we use to buy our homes, the insurance policies we take out to protect our cars, and the pensions that preserve our way of life in old age.

The provision of all of these services requires a workforce of highly skilled professionals dedicated to excellent customer service, ethical business and strict compliance with regulations. Above all, they must be committed to preserving the rights of the consumer and providing unparalleled service in a challenging fiscal environment. Apprenticeships offer a solid, accessible route into a financial services career, in banking, investment, insurance and pensions, at organisations ranging from the high street branches of banks to global investment management firms.

There is an increasing number of apprenticeships in this sector, reflecting the growth of these services and the need for highly skilled professionals. Actuaries are needed to develop financial models, using their mathematical skills to measure the probability and risk of future events, and their financial impact on a business or individuals. Professional economists are also needed to produce rigorous, relevant and impactful economic analysis to drive decision-making.

Don’t forget to check out the range of accountancy and taxation roles on offer, too, which are forever in demand and require a constant stream of skilled professionals to fill.

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