Animal technology apprenticeship

Animal technology apprenticeship

If you have a genuine interest in working with animals and their welfare, as well as an interest in scientific and biomedical research, an Animal Technology apprenticeship could be for you.

Research using animals provides vital information in the development of new drugs and treatments for both humans and animals. Each year in Britain three million animals are used in authorised scientific procedures in over 200 approved research establishments that include pharmaceutical companies, teaching hospitals, universities, veterinary colleges, specialist research organisations and animal breeding companies.

Your roles as an apprentice will vary according to the needs of your employer, but you will probably find yourself working as an animal technician in areas such as the husbandry and care of animals, hygiene and bio-security, and animal welfare.

After completing your apprenticeship, you might have the opportunity to progress onto a Level 3 Diploma in Laboratory Animal Science and Technology and become eligible to apply to becoming a licence holder.

To carry out research using animals, organisations have to be licensed by the Home Office and the industry works closely with various animal welfare organisations to promote good practice in the care of all laboratory species. Everyone in the industry works hard to ensure that the guiding principles of reduction, replacement and refinement are met so that the number of animals used in research is minimised, non-animal alternatives are used whenever possible, and that all animals are looked after properly and any pain or distress is kept to a minimum.


Intermediate (Level 2)

Starting salary:


Job role:

Animal technician

Issuing authority:

Lantra –

This apprenticeship will be withdrawn from 1 December 2016
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