Agriculture Higher Apprenticeship

Agriculture Higher Apprenticeship

The Agriculture Higher Apprenticeship provides the skills, knowledge and competence required to become a unit or assistant farm manager.

The programme includes generic business skills and, depending on the type of farm you work on, you will also gain more specific, higher-level skills and knowledge relating to crops and livestock management.

You could find yourself working as a unit manager, with responsibility for the management of a particular enterprise, such as a sheep or dairy unit. You will have responsibility for health, welfare and the performance of the livestock. You might also have responsibility for staff.

As a farm manager you could either be running your own business or be employed to run a farm efficiently and profitably for someone else.

An assistant farm manager is expected to take charge when the farm manager is away. In this role you might have responsibility for staff, allowing the farm manager to focus on other tasks. You might also take charge of certain enterprises on the farm, such as reporting progress, performance and finances.

By successfully completing a Higher Apprenticeship, you could have the opportunity to move on to a relevant degree programme.


Higher Apprenticeship (Level 4)

Starting salary:

Assistant manager, £20,000–£25,000; farm managers could earn between £25,000 and £30,000, while on a large farm managers could earn up to £50,000

Job roles:

Unit manager, Assistant farm manager, Farm manager

Issuing Authority:

Lantra –