Advanced manufacturing engineering apprenticeship

Advanced manufacturing engineering apprenticeship

As an Advanced Manufacturing Engineering apprentice you would undertake higher-level technical occupations in sectors such as aerospace, nuclear, mechanical, electrical, electronics, automotive and wind turbines.

Manufacturing is one of the largest industries – nearly everything we use, eat, drink or travel in has been manufactured to one degree or another.

The type of work you will be doing will depend on your employer and on the pathway you choose to follow. On the Aerospace pathway you could work on the manufacturing processes themselves or on the engineering side of the product; for example, developing, implementing and testing of aircraft systems for use in the cockpit. The nuclear-related technology pathway includes the design, selection, installation and verification of sensors and related control systems for use on nuclear plants, ensuring adherence to nuclear-specific quality standards. On the mechanical pathway you could work on setting up complex CNC production processes and facilities for manufacturing operations, ensuring wherever possible that these are as ‘lean’ as can be.

On the electrical/electronic pathway you could design and develop analogue, digital, small power electronics and microprocessor systems for real-time and industrial automation projects. The automotive pathway might give you the opportunity to design and configure motorsport engines, transmissions, suspension, steering, brakes, fuel systems and other components, both at the factory and trackside. Whereas on the maintenance pathway you could work towards co-ordinating a team of manufacturing plant maintenance technicians to ensure that the production equipment operates efficiently and safely, by implementing a systematic approach to improving the maintenance activities including condition and performance monitoring. Finally, on the wind generation pathway you could work on the design, operation, control, monitoring and optimisation of gearboxes, hydraulic systems and wind turbine structural components.

Higher Apprenticeship

The Higher Apprenticeship for Advanced Manufacturing Engineering at Level 4 has been designed to develop high-grade technicians and engineers who have practical skills, combined with a higher education qualification. This will facilitate progression to Level 5/6 qualifications and enable you to work towards Incorporated Engineer status.

Successful candidates will have a variety of qualifications such as A-levels or a Certificate/ Diploma in Engineering, or will have completed an Advanced Level apprenticeship in Engineering.


Advanced (Level 3), Higher (Level 4)

Starting salary (once qualified):


Job roles:

Electrical/ Electronics senior technician, Software senior technician, Systems senior technician, Manufacturing senior technician, Senior quality technician, Senior design technician, Control and instrumentation senior technician, Computer-aided design (CAD), senior technician, Technical sales specialist, Process senior technician, Safety/performance senior technician, Senior stress technician, Mechanical systems senior technician, Senior environmental test technician, Electronics development senior technician, Electronic engineering software/hardware senior technician, Senior production technician, Motorsport senior technician, Systems maintenance senior technician, Manufacturing plant maintenance senior technician, Engineering services maintenance senior technician, Biomedical equipment maintenance specialist, Senior warranty technician (wind power), Senior blade technician (wind power)

Issuing Authority:

Semta –