Developing in-house expertise in IT

Thomas Jones is an IT apprentice at ABP Ellesmere, ABP UK’s flagship meat processing facility

ABP UK, part of ABP Food Group, is one of the world’s leading food processors.

Food and drink employs over 3.7 million people and is worth an estimated £80 billion per year to the UK economy – but there’s definitely still room for growth. With an ageing workforce and rising customer demand, the sector needs to recruit over 109,000 people over the next six years alone.

And it’s not just opportunities for farmers, retailers and chefs – far from it! Today, food and drink needs expertise from a wide range of professional fields – accounting, engineering, IT, human resources, manufacturing and safety. The industry needs new skills and new ideas, and ABP UK is determined to lead the way by developing that expertise in-house.

Thomas says: “I really appreciate the wide variety of equipment and systems that we use day to day, which might not be the case with other apprenticeships – Linux, Windows, Apple devices, Cisco equipment, factory terminals and servers. Learning how to use all this kit has been a really valuable experience for me.”

To find out more, email apprentices@abpbeef.com or visit our website to browse current food and drink apprenticeship opportunities.