Gearing up with an engineering apprenticeship in food and drink

Ashley Edge is an engineering apprentice at ABP Ellesmere

ABP UK, part of ABP Food Group, is one of the world’s leading food processors. Founded in 1954, today the organisation operates across 47 sites in Europe and holds strong relationships with some of the leading brands in retail and food service.
ABP UK has invested £26 million in ABP Ellesmere, its flagship processing facility in Shropshire.

The site is one of the most advanced beef processing operations in the world, complete with biodiversity corridors to protect local wildlife, a waste water treatment plant and a CHP (combined heat and power) unit to reduce our energy requirements.

“My long-term goal is to become a top engineer in the field,” says Ashley. “My apprenticeship at ABP UK is gearing towards exactly that – helping me to further my education, grow in confidence and achieve my targets. I had no idea that there was such scope for engineering in food and drink before I started the course.”

The future has never been brighter for the food and drink industry and ABP UK are delighted to be offering a range of apprenticeship opportunities for school-leavers and graduates looking to kick-start their career. To find out more, email apprentices@abpbeef.com or visit our website to browse current food and drink apprenticeship opportunities.